Lollicam for Android

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It would be really difficult question to answer that when will teens get tired of taking selfies? Probably never given myriad ways that they could augment what nature gave them thanks to powerful smartphone in their pocket. Lollicam for Android is one of the popular kinds of mobile apps which make users satisfied in all means.

Moreover keeping younger users engaged and communications flowing is priority number one for all social platform giants. It actually means that they are coming up with a pipeline of new beneficial features to fuel continued use. And that actually lead to startups with innovative mobile video-augmenting tools is prime targets for acquisition.

Lollicam for Android

Seerslab is the maker of the mobile video editing app Lollicam. An exit to a larger entity such as a messaging giant would be distinct hope for Seerslab, given the clear requirement for novelty among platform giants to keep their services sticky, coupled with the converse challenge of being to defend novel ideas from being copied by other platform giants.

Seerslab successfully launched their real-time mobile video-editing tool for augmenting selfies. Since then the Android and iOS Lollicam apps have immensely racked up more than four million downloads, mostly in Korea and Japan so far. It is also enumerated that active users are around the two million mark at this point. They are actually apparently popular with teenage girls. Even growth has been organic; with no marketing spend as yet.

Lollicam for Android

Lollicam’s beneficial features comprise face-tracking stickers, respectively as the big cat mask pictured at the top of this post; cinematic effects; and a real-time filter such as a beautification lens that airbrushes skin in real-time or actively changes your face shape to make it lucrative. The Lollicam for Android app effectively permits users augment their selfie/s videos with a wide range of additional effects that could be added via a relatively simple tap to add interface respectively as a blizzard of feathers or a rain storm.