Linia for iOS

by Aug 5, 2016iPhone Game Reviews0 comments

Linia for iOS by Yari D’areglia is a colorful puzzle game that’s all about searching sequences and being in rhythm. If you have enjoyed other recent games like Polyforge then Linia is another game that is right up your gallery. In terms of visuals, Linia is stunning with the minimalistic style. Everything you view would be flat and 2-D with animations buttery smooth.

Linia has ambient background track that assists you to relax. Linia, like many other puzzle games, is level based, and global users are going to have to go through them one-by-one in order to move forward.

Linia for iOS

However, the goal is simple enough that anyone could understand it: match the color sequences that you view at the top by tracing a line through colored shapes. The puzzles become much more difficult and complex to solve. Luckily, though, there are no time limits or move restrictions, so global users could take as long as you want on a stage.

The controls in Linia are straightforward with users had to connect the colored shapes together by drawing a line through them, with the intent to match the sequence that is illustrated at the top of the screen. The users have to think fast while memorizing the pattern because as things start moving around and changing colors, the game would get tricky. It’s a relaxing game and stimulating, plus the minimalistic aesthetics and ambient music is quality touch.

In this game focus is more important, because users want to learn the movement patterns and then get into the rhythm of things before you actually try to connect.

Linia for iOS

Attaining thrilling game experience is something any players cannot afford to miss. It occurs when one is trying to use a new game which brings satisfaction. This is exactly what the Linia for iOS is bringing to its users; an unstoppable fun-filled experience.