King Rabbit for iPhone

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King Rabbit for iPhone by RareSloth LLC is cute action puzzle game that will appeal anyone. If you were great fan of the original Furdemption, or just like rabbits and puzzles, then King Rabbit is must-have game for your collection. 

A mix of puzzle and action levels will definitely challenge your mind and delight your senses. It is illustrated that King Rabbit must rescue his citizens from baleful enemies. When you speak of visually, King Rabbit is gorgeous. The users could easily immerse in attractive world ripe with secrets which might never be discovered. The colors in King Rabbit are rich, with amazing environmental effects in the game.

King Rabbit for iPhone

It is also affirmed that animations are smooth and fluid. The soundtrack for the game is quirky, making it soothing to listen to as you go through the game. King Rabbit, like other popular puzzle games, currently features six different worlds that have 16 levels each. Altogether there are totally 96 exciting stages.

The key objective in each level is to help the King Rabbit rescue the queen rabbit, which has been actually caged up by dreadful enemy. In order to undergo this process, the players must hop your way through and solve some tricky, challenging puzzles to find actively the gold coins and keys to reach her. It is also found that there is no time limit or points to score. 

When you speak about controls in King Rabbit they are intuitive. In order to move King Rabbit, the users have to do is swipe on the screen in the direction you want him to hop in. With each active swipe, players move one square space since the stages are set up in grid-like fashion.

King Rabbit for iPhone

It’s one of those types of games that would make global users come regularly to play. When global users face against respective objects, like crates, gates, and levers, the users has to do is run into the object to interact with it.