Keeper – Create Happy and Healthy Families

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Keeper is the globe’s best family formation matchmaking service. Find someone who is ready for a relationship and meets your requirements. Filter for anything and only connect with people who have everything. AI and relationship science drive the technology, which is driven by human care.

Important Features of Keeper

Keeper is a product for family formation. They are in the process of developing a new category for a technology-enabled matchmaking product. Keeper is not the best option if all you want to do is date. Dating apps introduce you to thousands of people who may or may not be what you’re looking for in a partner. Keeper believes that if family formation is your goal, you don’t want a 1000-foot-wide, one-inch-deep puddle. The ideal solution would introduce you to your future spouse on the first try, based on a wealth of data. Keeper gathers everything you want in a partner and only introduces them if they meet all of your criteria.

Keeper is available in what areas or regions?

You can join the Keeper pool from any location on the planet. Keeper Searchlight and Keeper Legacy are currently only available to men in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

What kinds of characteristics can you choose as your preferences?

Anything, people are complicated, messy, and wonderful – but they are also measurable and matchable.

Will you match me with my spouse right away?

Maybe, they have done it before, but it doesn’t always happen. It primarily depends on how aware you are of what you want and how detailed you are in the preferences you provide us.

What distinguishes you from other matchmakers?

With Keeper, you only pay for success. Most matchmakers charge a monthly or yearly fee. Keeper only charges you if you have a successful date or marriage.

We don’t make ambiguous matches. Other matchmakers will frequently make matches just for the sake of making them. Their incentive structure is simply different from ours, allowing us to only make matches that are everything you truly desire.

The matching algorithm used by Keeper is the most advanced in the world. Their algorithm uses artificial intelligence and the most recent advances in relationship science to assess long-term compatibility based on factors such as IQ, the Big 5 Personality test, and Dr. Sandra Lipsitz Bem’s masculinity/femininity testing work, among many others. The other matchmakers primarily rely on spreadsheets and educated guesses.

What does the AI component do?

The AI collaborates with our matchmakers to screen candidates and make better matches more efficiently. Most dating apps employ simple algorithms such as “does this person meet your height criteria?” AI reads, understands, and makes decisions based on the natural language preferences you provide, as well as analyses photos to see if people will look good together.

Final Words

Keeper is here to encourage human flourishing. Civilization is built on the strength of families. Keeper effectively constructing a future in which everyone finds love, marries, and starts families.