INRIX Traffic for Android

by Mar 31, 2016Android App Reviews0 comments

In latest development the popular INRIX is launching their completely redesigned GPS app, INRIX Traffic. This familiar app utilizes machine learning to better plot your routes in addition to offering turn-by-turn navigation with maps from OpenStreetMap (OSM). INRIX Traffic for Android is appreciated from all corners of users.

This app also effectively uses smart algorithms to take most routing decisions out of your hands although users could still manually adjust if you’d like to. When users leave the app running in the background it effectively analyzes your frequent routes so much so that it could simply spot the grocery store you’re most likely to shop at or what you wish to do after respective work.

INRIX Traffic for Android

It is also enumerated that INRIX Traffic knows all of this without your input. With 275 million connected cars, smart phones or sensors already on the road, INRIX has good wealth of data for their relevant machine learning algorithms to pull from.

All of these details are stored in the cloud and the app qualitatively decides what you’re most wish to be doing at any respective time on any given day. Whether it’s pulling from your calendar or just the places users most generally to visit on the days you’re most likely to visit them — the app effectively knows.

If your yoga class is Tuesday, Friday and Saturday at 3 pm, INRIX Traffic already has perfect route planned and it’s the one it has professionally learned you’re most likely to take. If you similarly arrive for class at 2:48, the app knows that too and strives to get you there at the same preferred time all without relevant user input in setting a route, enumerating it where you’re going or trying to judge your ETA based on current route conditions.

INRIX Traffic for Android

The users do nothing and it would naturally convey you when to leave, how to get there and whether the accurate route is going to lead to delays. Eventually this all-new INRIX Traffic for Android is a next-generation navigation app that accurately anticipates your next drive and gets you there as quickly and safely as possible.