In case of emergency, DooriGo is the app you need.

by Mar 6, 2020General0 comments

Combining the Korean word ‘Doori’ and the English word ‘Go’, DooriGo is a security app that helps connect those living independently to friends and family in case of emergency. The app is available to download on iOS and Google Play.

It’s a simple yet effective way for people to ‘check in’ with their chosen contacts to let them know they’re safe. The app works by sending the user a text message at a time of day set by the user. The user then has a window of time – also customizable – to reply. If they don’t, it alerts family members that something might be wrong. If the user has pets, you can also alert contacts to give them instructions, so they are taken care of.

The app might not be useful for your own personal safety, but many of us have elderly relatives who live alone, friends who are travelling or spouses deployed in the military, and this app would be perfect for them. It gives peace of mind to both parties that, in case of emergency, the right people are notified and help can arrive faster.

DooriGo also stores encrypted information regarding the location of wills, bank account details and other special instructions. This information is only accessible for chosen contacts, so if something terrible happens the right arrangements can be made.

Find out more about this potentially life-saving app at, or download it on iOS and Google Play today.