iContacts+ – The Optimal Solution To Manage All the Groups in Your Contact

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Every time you see a text or an email or look up at the list of all the contacts you have, it seems a lot difficult to manage them all. Due to the different limitations we have in the default Contacts app of the iPhone, managing gets a bit tougher and we need a solution for this. A contact management app would be the handy solution to help you manage all the contacts. One such application published by Jeonghwan Kim that I recently discovered is the iContacts+.

iContacts+ is a contact management app that allows you to organise contacts and back them up. It also lets you send group messages and email and has speed dial and smart search dial options. All the above mentioned features have been integrated into one app and it is the optimal technology for contact group management.

Just tap open to make use of the app and it allows you to create many different groups namely family, friends, work and others. It has five different columns like Contacts, Favorites, Recent, Keypad and More. Using these features, you can create any number of contacts as you want. You can group the favourite contacts into that particular group, browse through the recent contacts, dial a person through the keypad (speed or smart dial) and do a lot more.

The app is so colourful and easy to use. You can see that you won’t have any trouble in fetching the contacts or moving them from one group to another and so on. Using iContacts+, you can also delete contacts in bulk. It allows you to backup contacts on support of iCloud and CardDAV. In case you accidently delete any contacts, you have no worries. Everything is perfectly backed up for you there. It has other functionality like ‘contact search function’ where you can search the contacts by means of name or even the initials in ‘Korean’.

iContacts+ is an app that falls under the ‘utility’ category and requires iOS 11.0 or later versions and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It supports the below languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Spanish languages. This contact group manager comes for a price of $1.99.

Abbreviated number dial, use of silent dial, message preparation tool for easy input, backup of contacts information and removal of advertisement are the other utilities that come with the pro version of the app. iContacts+ gives you a smoother experience when you want to maintain your contacts list without many efforts.

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