Huetopia for iPhone

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Huetopia for iPhone by ZealTopia Interactive is familiar relaxing puzzle game that is about matching colored blocks with their appropriate spaces. If players enjoyed other colorful puzzles like Bicolor, then you will definitely like what Huetopia brings to the interesting genre.

Like many other puzzle games Huetopia falls in line with minimalistic approach in terms of visual. The game comprises simplistic geometric shapes that comprise rectangles, circles, and squares. The attractive colors in Huetopia are gorgeous, as they range from soft pastels to rich and vibrant tones.

Huetopia for iPhone

The subtle animations in Huetopia are fluid. Huetopia is based on levels, and players must solve the present one that users are on before you could move on to the next one. The players could also free to go back and replay any stage that they like.

The key objective in Huetopia is to get the blocks into their relevant color lines by gentle sliding and rotating them on the board along the small square notches. All puzzle experience could interest particularly when it is expressed in a captivating game like Huetopia for iPhone. This not only aids the users overwhelmed with joy but also make the whole game session worth playing.

The users could easily immerse their mind into the minimalist, colorful, and beautiful puzzle space of Huetopia, with loads of exciting boards to play and solve. The controls in Huetopia are intuitive enough for any global users to understand. The relaxant blocks that are actively lined up vertically could only slide up or down, while horizontal blocks can only move left or right.

Huetopia for iPhone

The players can rotate a block by tapping on one of the colored circles. The game begins out easy enough with just two colors to match, but things get more hard and complex later on, where users have three colors to line up with more blocks to move around.