How to boost up your App downloads

by Jul 26, 2019General0 comments

It would be bigger problem if no one is downloading your app. If that’s the situation, you’ve run into the same problem many developers encounter after they sincerely publish their apps. So don’t be discouraged – if you have an app you want the whole globe to use, you can make it happen.

All it takes is small effort and know-how to bring your app to the attention of the global masses. So, to learn the best ways to boost your mobile app downloads here.

Develop an Enticing App Icon

It is learnt that your app icon is the first thing someone sees in the app store, so the design you select is important for your success. As users scroll through the app store, yours should pop out as eye-catching and quickly recognizable. Also use a design that serves as a clear representation of your app. It should offer as much of a clue as possible to what users will find after they install it.

Social Media Outreach

The social media platforms where apps tend to get the most attention are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Describe Your App Appropriately

If you want your app title to stick in users mind, the name requires being unique and appropriate. Also your description, on the other hand, is where you require being most strategic about ASO.

Tactics for coming up with your app name

  • Don’t use names that are already in use
  • Keep your app name short
  • Select a name that reflects what your app

Market Your App Qualitatively

Distribute your advertising across the channels that are most familiar with your target audience, which could comprise:

  • Social media
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • App directory sites
  • Relevant Blogs/Magazines

Ask for Positive Reviews

Go for positive reviews that declare your app a valuable download or say it offers a great user experience are “testimonials” that allow other users know your app is worth downloading.

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