HoursTracker for iOS

by May 10, 2016iPhone App Reviews0 comments

Everyone knows that independent contractors with several clients or projects require keeping track of time closer than most. HoursTracker for iOS was professionally released for sake of passionate app users. This app was already immensely advantageous at doing just that, and has qualitatively rolled in watch OS 2 support, iPad multitasking beneficial features in their latest update.

HoursTracker for iOS simply includes Spotlight search, so the app users could search projects instantly. For those with latest iPhones, 3D Touch is also added, which actively launches your existing jobs with an organization press. The Apple Watch app like any quality smart watch app is so simple and effective.

HoursTracker for iOS

It actively permits user to track the time you’ve spent working on a huge project, and has a valid custom complication so the active app users could see just how long you’ve been working. It is also possible to have glance view which tracks the two most recent jobs you’ve been recently working on.

The users could also immensely witness new search feature which would make power users happy. When users trying to find a job in-app, users could now search for it by means of name, tags, or a respective timeframe you were working on it.  In addition the tags now have an auto completion feature. For iPad, HoursTracker comprises a slide-out view so users could start, stop or see the hours you’ve been really working on a respective job. The app is totally free, which virtually limits the number of jobs and time entries.

HoursTracker for iOS

There are features like web-based reporting access, comprising charts, graphs, desktop exports, and rolling backups widely available with optional subscription. Moreover there are 200,000 people track their time and pay using hourstracker. The users could simply search out why it’s the top and most highly-rated time tracker in the app store.