HelpQR – The Ultimate QR Scan and Browse App

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QR Codes can give you almost any kind of digital data and they are good for short URLs, contact info, SMS / phone call trigger for mobile phones and are used for many other cool tricks. An app that scans a QR & Barcode is an essential QR reader for every Android device. HelpQR – Scan and Browse is a QR code reader/scanner that is extremely easy to use.

Offered by Lieber Verwalter, it belongs to the ‘Tools’ category in the Play store. The app scans a QR code quickly and easily. It assists you to open the QR code immediately and you don’t have to click on any links unnecessarily. HelpQR – Scan and Browse comes with a quick scanner that helps you to simply point QR code scanner to QR or barcode you want to scan. It will automatically start scanning and you need not press any buttons, take photos or adjust the zoom button as this barcode reader works automatically.

The app was developed to start explanatory videos with the help of QR codes. Using this app, users can scan any QR URL. Then you can browse it directly on any browser and that’s it. All the videos that you want are fetched in here. You can later choose to download them. HelpQR – Scan and Browse does the job very efficiently.

Under the setting icon of the app, you can choose the language to be either English or German. Under the About Us section of the app, users can rate the app and read the privacy policy. In the ‘History’ section, users can discover the different websites they have visited earlier along with its date and time. This feature in HelpQR – Scan and Browse allows user to save the scan history so that they can make use of it sometime later in case of future download needs. There are also options in the app that help us to clear the scan history.

Updated on October 8 2020, the app works well and is easy to operate. It occupies a very less storage space of 2.7M. It requires Android 4.1 and later versions and it is a paid app. When you have any doubts you can contact the developer on the email id:

We know that QR codes are everywhere, just install this QR code reader app and scan QR URL just like that on the go. Download HelpQR – Scan and Browse today and enjoy the unlimited benefits of scanning and getting links faster than the usual.

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