Google app for iPhone

by May 28, 2016iPhone App Reviews0 comments

In advanced mobile app technology development the familiar Google app is introduced for benefit of app users. Moreover the Google app for iPhone is about to get much popular among users.

The latest report suggests that Google is introducing their accelerated mobile pages platform to iOS, which works effectively similarly to Facebook’s instant articles to reduced page sizes so they load instantly off of Search.

Google app for iPhone

This immensely applies mainly to news publishers, and AMP’d pages would be marked with a lightning bolt next to the articles. In addition keeping with the speed theme, Google enumerates that they have reduced load times throughout the app. They’re small improvements, but Google illustrates that they would save users a cumulative “6.5 million hours this year.”

Eventually Google is adding sports cards to their quality set of Google Now cards, so global users could easily catch up on when Michael Jordan scores a touchdown against the Yankees, or whatever. The beneficial updates are rolling out to the iOS app store in benefit towards users.

Altogether this app could regard as the best of Google in one app. You could say “Ok Google” and search everything from nearby restaurants to the calories in cheesecake. Google also illustrates you the details you require before you ask, like updates on your favorite teams and traffic alerts.

Google app for iPhone

Each time when users open the app or do a search, everything would actively load just a bit quicker. The users could notice the difference or not, these small improvements would save app users a combined 6.5 million hours this year. So whether global users are searching for news from around the globe or video playbacks from your favorite sports team, the Google apps would definitely get you covered, faster. And now, the users could easily and instantly watch sports highlight right from your Now cards. Eventually Google app for iPhone would satisfy all needs of users.