Good Knight Story for iOS

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Good Knight Story for iOS by Turbo Chilli Pty Ltd is a humorous match-three RPG game that packs full of challenge among parodies. The users could be recommended for checking out Good Knight Story if they like action-packed match-three RPGs and enjoy a side of humorous story line to go with it.

Good Knight Story carries a cartoonish aesthetic that would certainly appeal to most people. The animations in Good Knight Story are incredibly smooth and fluid. The colors range from the bright and lush outdoors to dark with cool effects in the background.

Good Knight Story for iOS

Like other games there is a world map and users have to make their way through the game one stage at a time. There is an actual story behind everything, which gets uncovered as you progress. It begins off with some knights in a pub having a good time, and then things go dark.

When your knight wakes up, he actively finds himself in a dungeon and must battle his way through to get back to the outside world. Its amazing little plot, and the one-liners, parodies, and references that are professionally sprinkled throughout keep everything engaging, as users just want to search out what happens next, or what else they’ll refer to in this beautiful world.

The stages have three stars that players could easily earn, which is dependent on score by the end of the level. Also there is a different objective awaits you for each stage, respectively as just killing the monsters or gathering up all of the keys or meat, so things are kept interesting.

Good Knight Story for iOS

The faster players complete it, the more stars and points you could earn. Moreover the coins are also awarded at the end of each successful level, and the game is generous with players. With Good Knight Story, there are different kinds of tiles on the screen namely as fire, ice, lighting, and poison. You could also experience shields and hearts, which mean permitting your knight to defend and heal himself.