Go LA for iPhone

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Go LA for iPhone by Xerox Corporation is best companion app for Los Angelenos and visitors alike. If users ever visited the city, then you certainly know that traversing the area to get to where you required could be rather difficult for newcomers. The Go LA app has quality design which naturally blends in rather well with the modern aesthetics of iOS.

The Go LA app simply focuses to simplify all of that, offering users with seamless travel planning and nice way to get around town. The white used in the app provides quality contrast with the varying colors that each different kind of transportation offer, which is visually appealing for global users. If you make a trip frequently, the Go LA app allows you to save your favorites for quick access later on.

Go LA for iPhone

Having the good option to use app without a login is something that more mobile apps need to consider for their international users. You could also choose your preferred transportation methods in the setup, which actually includes public transport, taxi, Flitways, Lyft, Car, Zipcar, motorbike, and bicycle. If users have any respective suggestions on modes of transportation to add, it is possible to select “Other Transport” and send your idea off to them.

When they use Go LA, the first thing you’ll be in is the “Ride Now” section. From which you can plan your trip to anywhere in most of Los Angeles County, all of relevant parts of Orange County, and some parts of Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and Venture County.

If users are planning for excursion, they could choose where you’d like to start from, comprising Current Location, and then type in the destination you like. The results describes up in real-time and are powered by Google, so everything is perfect. The users could also select time they wish to leave or arrive by, and then route the trip. The trip results are accurately organized into three sections namely as Sooner, Cheaper, and Greener.

Go LA for iPhone

If you wish to get there fast, then you can select Sooner. When you want to be a bit conservative with your wallet, then you can pick Cheaper. And if you don’t mind a bit of exercise for your trip then go for Greener.