Get the List of Nearby Restaurants You Wish to Dine-In with ‘No Dining Curves’

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Are you planning for a treat with your friends or family? Do you want to know the best options in town? Whenever you want to take people out for dinner, you often come across the toughest task of locating the best place in the city. This can be resolved by surfing on the websites and if you want to make the search process even better, you can do it by means of apps.

No Dining Curves is an app that is given by the company, Vanguard I.T. which specialize in helping firms improve their functionality through technology. This app falls under the ‘Food and Drink’ category and it would be completely useful for anyone who is looking for a good place to dine in.

If you are living in any of the following cities: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Oakland, San Francisco and Seattle then you can be highly benefited by using this app. You can soon expect the company to add a few more cities to the list in the near future.

No Dining Curves keeps track of the restaurants’ all over the country along with its’ health compliance and customer ratings. The app allows for selection of any item from the list like, Favorites, Recommended, A-Listers, Location and Cuisines. The ‘Favorites’ & ‘Recommended’ is a category in the menu of ‘No Dining Curves’ that gives the entire list of the restaurants that are made favorites and recommended by people. All the restaurants top-rated as ‘A’ are present at the top of the list.

No Dining Curves gives the location of each and every restaurant in the city with a map that features the correct address, inspection grade and customer grade and the distance that you need to cover to reach there. Users will also be able to categorize the restaurants based on the type of cuisine and it can be anything like Chinese, Thai, Italian and a lot others. The app allows you to get the menu of the restaurant in the app itself. Users need not have to visit the website or download the PDF file to view them.

The support team of ‘No Dining Curves’ are ready to answer queries in case you have any, if you contact them via [email protected]. No Dining Curves is rated to be 3+ and you can check it out on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. You can download No Dining Curves for free from Google Play or Apple App Store and from Amazon and Samsung stores.

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