Get Data For Many Sport With Odds API

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An API always makes your programming easier. If you are into building a sports website, a software or an app, you can start from the scratch. That would be a hell lot of work and choosing the perfect API would lower your efforts. There are many apps in the market and the strategy lies in choosing the one that provides sports odds for many different sports. If you choose a single API for every different sport that would increase the amount of time and money you spend. I would recommend Odds API for all your sports data needs.

What is Odds API?

While many sports API cater to just one sport, this Odds API fetches real-time data of many sports events that include Rugby, American Football, Volleyball, Cricket and other games. The team strives to provide data from the UK, US and Aussie bookmakers. It supports 15+ sports from more than 30 bookmakers and offers 10 betting types.

How it works?

As all the other API, you can incorporate it into your development process by subscribing to the various plans offered by the company. You just have to integrate the few lines of codes that are easily readable into your coding. It supports browser, Python, Node.js, CURL and PHP formats.

Why Odds API?

The team charges you only for the valid responses and they never take invalid responses into account. They would find the pricing plan that suits you the best. They work consistently to provide an uptime of 99.9% so that you would never be out of date. The API has the complete documentation on the website. The company is very patient in resolving all the technical, general or offer related queries when you drop them a line through their contact form.

Pricing Plans:

Small, medium and large are the different pricing plans with 9.99, 44.99 and 84.99 respectively. When you subscribe for an annual plan, you get a discount of 20%. There is also a free plan for the newbie developers with minimum functionalities. All common payment methods, including credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Diner’s Club, American Express) are accepted. If you are an enterprise requiring high-volume of data, you can make the payment annually through bank transfers. Large plans come with unlimited support and service level agreement (SLA) by the company.

If you have big goals for your business, website or application, then it is something that you must choose right away. Join Odds API today and get going.

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