GeometriCam for iPhone

by Nov 11, 2016iPhone App Reviews0 comments

GeometriCam for iPhone by Giuseppe Capozzo is unique camera app that professionally permits you develop stylish, abstract photo compositions. If international users like to add some pizazz to your iPhone photographs, then this is would be better to consider.

The design of GeometriCam for iPhone is attractive, simple and clean. The users can look bottom where they have the capture button, toggles for a still image or a video, actively access to the Photo Library, and include the options of changing the abstract appearance. The international users have viewfinder area, where they have respective buttons for a square or full size image, switching between the front and rear-facing cameras, primarily enabling flash.

GeometriCam for iPhone

This app of GeometriCam professionally allows you to get images and video into the app two ways relatively as by doing real-time captures with the camera or importing from your Photo Library. It is also illustrated that international users can pick to save or share will be exported in high resolution files. If international users do a direct capture, then they are able to switch between both cameras, toggle flash if actually needed.

GeometriCam primarily features over 30 preset filters that international users can choose from, which range from circles, rectangles to diamonds and triangles. In addition the app makes use of buttons for changing the overall appearance, the professional developer made sure to comprise intuitive multi touch gestures and shortcuts as well.

GeometriCam for iPhone

With international users any image or video you develop in GeometriCam can be simply saved directly to your Camera Roll, shared via the native iOS Share Sheet, or even easily copied to Instagram. Thus eventually GeometriCam exports in high resolution so no actual detail is lost. The effective results that you can get out of GeometriCam are bound to make your images stand out among the massive crowd, and it’s just amazing.