Gelling: Akeakami -Teamwork : iOS App Review

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The amazing brand new Akeakami Quest is a fresh and innovative iOS and Android app aimed fully at multiplayers. It is intended to teach Agile Skills to teams to build on their communication pathways. It achieves this successfully with its vivid graphics and highly developed character driven plotline. Akeakami Quest is quite rightly now the #1 survival team building game available today.


In order to guarantee the survival of an island tribe, a team will have to work it out together to find the answers hidden deep in the depths of the game. By completing tasks to save the tribe, groups will increase their bond and learn more about how they can function satisfactorily side by side. It is a fun and inspiring challenge to work together while endeavour to survive in this absorbing new online multiplayer game from Agile Literacy.

Survival games really are a motivating choice of game for teams. Almost all games have a component where you lose by dying. Though, survival games like Akeakami Quest make the action of staying alive the central component in the game. This game is competing in a reasonably robust genre with a large number of good titles but this game stands out for its attention grabbing quality. If you and your team are really in the mood to try not to die, then this is the pick of the best survival games for Android.


Akeakami Quest is premeditated to stimulate, inspire, and boost the success of teams industry wide. On the whole, you will be figuring it out on your own for the benefit of your group. You should never find yourself defenceless, if you work together to use an arsenal of tools which will be at your disposal. Perhaps it will not be an easy fight to keep the tribe alive, but it will be an entertaining one for certain. Recently released by Gelling, Agile concepts are passed on using games and stories to an enthralled audience.

Akeakami Quest will help teams learn analytical skills in a cool new way. Team building games are useful for helping to increase employee enthusiasm in a number of important ways. This game will help to improve team morale and leadership skills. It will uncover the barriers that put a stop to creativity and help a team to clearly define their objectives and future goals. Just by getting your workforce to play an online game you can improve your organisational productivity. Akeakami Quest will help you to Identify a team’s strengths and weaknesses.

The game gets its players to go on a quest to save the Akeakami tribe by discovering the ‘crystals of life’ which can be used to re-establish the island. One of the games strengths is its appealing atmosphere – the jungle is abundant, but the night is scary, and your team will always be aware that a mis-step can set them back a long way. No other game your team could play will ever make them so happy about finding a crystal. .It is now freely available in the iOS App Store and as an Android app through Google Play.

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