Find your people with Happin, the social events app that helps build lasting connections.

by Aug 2, 2022Android App Reviews0 comments

Ever find yourself wishing you had more friends to go to festivals and events with? More people who liked the same kinds of event as you?  Happin might be the perfect app for you!

Regarded as a mix of Eventbrite and Tinder, it aims to facilitate connections based on common interests. In this case, common interests are the events you attend.  The mission of new app Happin is to provide like-minded people a place to build deeper connections in real-life. 

Like all your favorite social events apps, Happin makes it easy to discover events around you. It doesn’t matter what you’re in to, whether it’s classical theater or dance music festivals, if it’s happening, Happin will let you know.

Once you’ve registered as an attendee, you’ll see a list of all other attendees. Using Tinder-style swiping, you can choose to connect (or not) with others and open a chat with them. Using filters, you can choose to exclude certain people, e.g., if you’re only looking to connect with people of a certain age or gender, and control whether you appear in others’ lists.

Whether or not you choose to make individual connections, there are also group chats. They are exclusive to attendees of the events and provide a great opportunity to soak up the buzz of the event and re-live the best bits afterwards. After 48 hours, the group chats are closed. It’s a great opportunity to make last-minute connections you would have otherwise missed.

It’s a well-known fact that people you meet at events can become lifelong friends. Happin makes it easier than ever to find your people.

Download the app on IOS, Google Play or visit for more information.