Woozworld – Fashion Enthusiast with free time?

by Jul 25, 2015Android Game Reviews0 comments

When I first saw this app in the Google play store, I expected it to be another one of those fashion games-choose your character and keep changing their clothes and outfits. I am a “Fashionista” as you call them, pretty much an enthusiast about fashion, clothes and what looks best nowadays. So naturally, in my free time, this kind of games is what entertains me the most. And as this game looked better than most other fashion games/apps, I took the decision to try it.

Immediately upon loading it for the first time, I realized that I was definitely right when I thought it looked better. Unlike most other fashions games that only depend on playing dress up with your doll, Woozworld allowed you to do much more. Playing this won’t only let you change your doll’s clothes to what suits fashion best, but you can open up your own restaurant or boutique to run even-pretty cool, right? It’s a mix of fashion and usual cafe/restaurant apps, and it’s a welcome mix indeed.

Wait, so that’s it? Well, right now, it sounds like having to decorate your dolls and the project you decide to open up, but the game isn’t as superficial as that. Your character has a story that needs to unfold on your hands, and a house to decorate and reflect their personality! Now this is something that really appealed to me-it seemed like your character really has a world of their own that you can immerse yourself into and live it to the fullest. It really isn’t just a traditional dress up game. There would be also weekly contests, campaigns and quizzes to keep you from getting bored or having the game become repeated. Even hosting prom parties-something that I really liked because there are no prom parties where I am and I always wanted to run one or at least attend it.

But games can eventually become boring if you play on your own no matter how interesting it is, right? That’s why Woozworld is a multiplayer game, allowing you to chat and play with your friends from all around the world. Have no friends who are as interested as you are in fashion? No problem, because you can always make new ones through Woozworld.

Well, let’s sum this up now, shall we?

– Complete customization of character starting from their story and house to their looks and clothes.
– Chatting and meeting new people and playing with your friends.
– Open up your own project, restaurant or boutique and reach stardom through it.
– Easy to use interface and pretty fun game overall.

– Slow loading and can freeze sometimes, which doesn’t make it very friendly to cell phones with normal processing ability.
– Furniture and clothes are a bit too expensive.
– There are a lot of technical bugs that can be annoying at times, but there’s quick support so this makes up, I suppose.

Final thoughts:

To sum up this Wooz World App Review, let’s say that it’s a very fun game and anyone who’s quite interested in fashion games should try it. It’s best if you have a good cell phone with good processing power though so you can enjoy the game to the fullest.