Fabric for iPhone

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Fabric for iPhone is quality personal location-based journal that catalogs your experiences and interactions. It takes simply advantage of your iPhone’s location features, accelerometer, and step counter to understand movement.

The app also identifies visits to publicly listed places or private places you add. This familiar app also allows you to tag your contacts and followers to keep track of your interactions. They are also possible to add friends to tag them automatically when you’re together.

Fabric for iPhone

It is also said that Fabric augments your photos with the real-world places and people associated with them. The app also utilizes this whole context to develop interesting aggregate visualizations of your experiences that actually include for example, the cities or restaurants you’ve been to. The innovative idea behind the app is to create a personal journal that automatically provides you an overview of the places you’ve been and the people you’ve seen.

When users are setting up the app, you’re asked to connect numerous social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram to populate the feed. By simply combining data from these different databases you end up with extensive overview of everything you’ve done.

Are you looking for the most quality app to use it and get accurate details of personal location-based journal? The Fabric app is totally beneficial as it satisfies needs of international users. This simple review article would illustrate you everything about the Fabric for iOS app. The article would also provide you apt description of this app, its salient features, how to use app and their merits.

Fabric for iPhone

With this app you can browse photos in your camera roll by people, places, cities, or categories. Moreover it automatically adds friends to your journal when spending time together. The app also keep track of when you hang out with which friends. In addition it automatically preserves a record of places you visit, your paths and activities.