Exify for iOS

by Jun 30, 2016iPhone App Reviews0 comments

Exify for iOS by The Iconfactory is the latest app from the developers behind familiar apps like Twitterrific and Astronut. If you’re a passionate fan of The Iconfactory and have any interest at all in your photography, then Exify is an app worth checking out.

Exify beneficially features a simple aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye while also being intuitive to use. The app promptly features a black background so that your photos are the primary focus, and the light green icons contrast nicely with the overall color theme. The colors in the RGB graphs are rich so users get a vivid idea of the color levels in the image you’re viewing. Each image would have multiple “pages” of data that you could actually view, and they’re all just a swipe away.Exify for iOS

Moreover the magnification tool is also simple to use so users could make sure you don’t miss out on any details. It also has a handy iOS editing extension that perfectly allows you to do numerous actions directly from the Photo Library. Exify is packed full of informative metadata for your photos and looks amazingly great.

Once Exify gains access to your Photo Library, the users could see their entire Camera Roll on the main screen, from descending order with most recent at the top. When users find the photo you want to view data for, just tap on it. The first page of information features the Overview, which exactly enumerates you the kind of image file respectively as size, dimensions, megapixels, ratio, and exposure and lens detail.Exify for iOS

The thumbnail would also actively point out the point of focus on the image, and if users tap on the thumbnail, they get a larger view with magnification. You could zoom in (1x) on specific areas to view the fine details of your photos. If users wish to zoom in more, they could just double-tap for 2x magnification. Altogether this Exify for iOS app is worth checking out.