Enyo for iPhone

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Enyo for iPhone by Arnold Rauers is a tactical turn-based roguelike game that’s perfectly deal about hooks and shield combat with a familiar Greek theme. If players have paid any attention to the modern gaming industry, then they would have noticed that roguelike games attained immense familiarity.

Enyo for iPhone looks gorgeous due to the unique Greek-style art.  The character sprites provide good contrast as they stand out against the light beige floor and respective dark brown walls. The soundtrack is nice to listen to, specifically if users are into rhythmic drum beats.

Enyo for iPhone

Enyo is a roguelike game and has only one main game mode, but two levels of difficulty that they could pick from, depending on your skill level. The users could also come across Daily Challenge each day if players like to see how high of a score you can attain on the set stage before it changes the next day. Before users are able to fully dive in to the game, there would be a tutorial that describes you how to play.

In Enyo, the users have to help guide Enyo through a morphing labyrinth in order to find three legendary artifacts. The main goal is to clear each floor of enemies through indirect combat. What this virtually means is that enemies could only be accurately defeated by pushing or pulling them into the lava pits and relevant spiked walls.

Enyo for iPhone

The controls in Enyo are different and take time for users to get used to. Enyo also can perform it in four different actions such as Shield Bash, Hook, Throw, and Stun Leap. The main key to victory would be of clever maneuvers that could actually help players to get great chain combos. Enyo for iPhone by Arnold Rauers is one of the quality games which would wholly satisfy users requirement.