Encourage the feeling of kindness in your child with Feelu

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Every parent need to take care of his or her child. Along with physical fitness, it is important for a child to be mentally strong. To give out the solution for the same, Feelu application is here. The main task of this application is to keep the child mentally fit and strong. It is because if the kid gets mentally fit it will help out in overall development.

Features of Feelu:

Talking about the features of this application, it is full of cool graphics. The pictures in this app are reflecting a baby elephant that represents different feelings. It helps out kid to track the type of feeling. There is good music which is as per the kids interest. There is step by step guide for dealing with the situation when a kid get abused. Suitable for kids due to its good user-interface.

Working strategy:

The working of this application is whole and sole depends on the six major factors. There is no requirement of sign up or making of the user profile. Directly you can use this app.

1 Feelings: In this section, a child could easily explore his or her feeling. There is also a description and an example for each feeling.

2 My Feelings: In this section, a child could easily openly express his or her emotions like anger, happiness, calm or anything else.

3 Game: This help child to how to express in response to feelings. It’s not a quiz like game.

4 Kindness: Motivate a kid to become kind towards animals and others. The explanation is done with an example.

5 Be Mindful: On a daily basis, this small medication session can be used. This helps out children to remain calm from mentally and physically point of view.

6 Handle Bullying: These are 3 steps that guidance for the case if the child gets abused. On repeating these steps regularly with a child could improve his or her power to fight against bullying.

In the feelings section, a child could easily explore the feelings in a different way. There is also a suggestion that how a child would react to any negative feeling. This spread the happiness, love and kindness among children’s.

In my feeling section: The child will get encouragement to be grateful for whatever he or she is having. Using this section, the overall mental health of a kid could be improved.

Why choose Feelu?

Feelu is a classic app that is simple enough to be considered but emerges out big benefits. This application can be helpful in keeping mental health at a good level.

How this app is useful?

This application is useful in making your child happy. It actually develops the feeling of gratitude which directly impacting their mental stage.

Last words:

Feelu is a mobile app with great merits. One could easily find a way to improve the mental health of a child. In a simple way, you could get all solution for your kid.

Summary: Feelu is a mobile application that provides platform kids to express their feeling.

  • Usability: 4.5
  • Features: 4.5
  • Accessibility: 5
  • Graphics: 4.5

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