Dungelot for iPhone

by Sep 9, 2016iPhone Game Reviews0 comments

If global users like a good roguelike dungeon crawler adventure that is very easy to pick-up-and-play, then you can try this popular game called Dungelot for iPhone. It was professionally designed by tinyBuild LLC and Red Winter which is considered to be long-awaited installment of the Dungelot series of games.

The visuals in Dungelot for iPhone are beautiful and hold well with attractive charm. The game qualitatively features stunning dungeon environments, and the main screen has good background that adds some nice contrast to the dark and dingy dungeons. The colors in the game are bright and there are lots of textures with fine details that make the game amazing visual treat to the eyes. All animations in Shattered Lands are smooth.Dungelot for iPhone

Dungelot for iPhone is split up into three different acts, and each of them has a handful of areas to explore. All of the areas in this interesting game would feature different dungeon levels for global users to battle through, with a challenging boss battle at the end. They also have a set number of areas and dungeons, each run will be different. It is because the game is a roguelike, and every time you enter a dungeon, it would be procedurally generated.

The good thing that set Dungelot games apart from other roguelike dungeon crawlers is the fact that you don’t actually do any crawling. The users could equip new items here, or tap on items to either utilize them or salvage them to build up your charge gauge. If players encounter a monster tile, they will block off adjacent squares until you defeat them. 

Dungelot for iPhone

The users could also experience a crafting element in the game, and they can view available recipes by tapping on the “Craft” button. If in case they encounter the goblin shop on the resting floor, you could sell unwanted items for more gold as well. Apart from the dangers of monsters, there are other surprises in the game as well.