Dominocity for iPhone

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Dominocity for iPhone by NoStopSign, Inc. is latest take on the classic dominoes game that many of us have enjoyed. If you like watching a set of dominoes fall and cause a chain reaction over and over again, then Dominocity is the game for you.

It’s a nice diversion on the App Store if you like dominoes. The 3-D rendering is qualitatively done well, as users can see everything clearly appreciations to the angled perspective. The dominoes feature a wide variety of patterns and textures that users can unlock as they play, and they are all unique.

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Dominocity simply uses a rich color palette that mixes soft pastels, bold and vibrant hues with several shades of gold. The background soundtrack is a snazzy jazz tune that is soothing to hear. You could come across eight different chapters that have a handful of levels in each of them, and players could play the stages in a chapter in any order that they wish.

It is also noted that thing that sets each stage apart is their shape and layout — some are more complicated than others. The key goal in each stage is to line up the dominoes on the platform so that it reaches the end. The main trick is that you only get a limited number of dominoes to use, so each one really counts.

For earning stars, players will have to finish the stage in a certain amount of time — the faster you are and the less dominoes users use the more stars they could earn. The controls in Dominocity are easy enough. You could have many different skins that users can get for your dominoes as they play and earn diamonds for successfully finishing a stage with at least one star.

Dominocity for iPhone

There are also plenty of opportunities for free diamonds in the form of gifts. The attractive graphics and charming jazz soundtrack are captivating, and the puzzles themselves are challenging.