Digit for iOS

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If users want to automate their savings then Digit is free and sincere way to save money without thinking about it. It is enumerated that for every few days, Digit professionally checks your spending habits and saves a few money from your checking account if you could afford it.

Moreover Digit is well regarded as best SMS-based money-saving app. For those who are more eager about the when and where their money is moving, the startup has announced an app for iOS. It is available for iPhone, iPad and the Apple Watch.

Digit for iOS

This popular app serves as a bit more peace-of-mind for those who wish that Digit takes their money but want simple way to actually view the money. When you wish to view your money and feel that it is safe, you could open up the app and see that. It’s a metaphor to reality where your money is, and found that to be highly beneficial.

In addition the app provides simple way to actually sign-up for Digit, rather than going through a mobile browser on the phone. To get started the users could easily connect their checking account to Digit. This basically permits Digit to analyze your income and spending. It also finds small amounts of money where it could be safely set aside for you.

Digit for iOS

It is also enumerated that for every few days, Digit transfers small amounts of money to your Digit savings. Digit never transfers more than you could afford, so the users don’t have to worry about over-drafting your account. In fact, they also have a no-overdraft guarantee. The users could withdraw money from your savings at any time. Digit also permits unlimited transfers with no minimums and no fees. Finally Digit professionally uses state-of-the-art security measures and much beneficial app for users. Among several other apps this app certainly helps users in many ways.