Diffission for iOS

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Diffission for iOS by Filament Games is a maths puzzle game that is both educational and fun. It is educational fun game with a lot of replay value due to the professionally generated nature of the puzzles. The animations are fluid as players break the shapes down with the game which is immensely responsive.

It has atmospheric music and ambient which is certainly soothing, and actively helps to put your mind at ease while you play. In visual terms Diffission is beautiful with quality minimalistic graphics. The game is flat with different basic shapes and structures floating on top of a colored animated backdrop that considerably changes colors over time.

Diffission for iOS

In this interesting puzzle game they comprise two modes respectively as Endless and Challenge. The endless mode permits users play at their own pace, just solving the puzzles with no end goal in mind. In the challenge mode it offers you a set amount of time and users must reach a particular goal so it counts as your score.

Each time when players solve a puzzle, they could either add to the diamond goal or add more time to the clock. It’s a faster pace than Endless, since time is of the essence part.

The diamonds that players collect from solving these puzzles would unlock numerous types of blocks. Receiving more block types opens up a new set of puzzles for you to solve in each respective mode, and players can continue this process until all possible blocks have been totally uncovered.

Diffission for iOS

The mechanics that are get introduced with each new block type keeps things interesting. The key goal is illustrated in the bottom left corner, and it’s a fraction. The total number of blocks that players make up the shape or structure is described in the bottom right. In order to complete the objective, players have to cut down the shape into equal pieces.