Crooked Path for iPhone

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This popular Crooked Path for iPhone is an auto-runner and puzzle game that could test your patience. It has quite a few tricks up its sleeve, the demanding nature of playing makes a bit more satisfying.

The game of Crooked Path is straightforward. The users could control an auto-running character by tapping the screen to make them turn. The goal of any offered level is to reach the finish, by doing so it typically comprises hitting switches, running through portals, and actively solving puzzles.

Crooked Path for iPhone

In each level, there are also little jewels scattered along the path, which could assist to guide you for solutions as well as be collected to increase your score. The main hurdle in Crooked Path isn’t the puzzles so much as navigating without falling off walkways. It is said that paths in the game are so narrow and your character is running so fast without pause that timing your taps is so hard.

In case if you mistimed a tap, your character almost falls to their death. Whenever this occurs players are instantly respawn at the start of the level, but with any progress you’ve made regarding solving puzzles remain intact. This eventually keeps Crooked Path from feeling hard while also opening up the puzzle.

Crooked Path has neat puzzle design and minimalist look, the game feels like it immensely focuses on execution. It is conceivable that you’ll know exactly what to do while trying to get to the solution. Crooked Path opts to instantly restart you each time you fall instead of forcing you into a menu.

Crooked Path for iPhone

Crooked Path is interesting puzzle game that makes every global users intact to spend good time. If you are up for the challenge, Crooked Path may be up your alley, but it is just as likely that falling over and over again will just make you want to play more times with thrilling environment.