Clockodo – WebApp Review

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Time is the most valuable natural resource every business, it employees and indeed everyone has been granted. It is also the most easily depleted because once spent, it cannot be reused or replenished. Time management is therefore an important function for every business and everyone who intends to make meaningful strides in their life. It is for this purpose that Clockodo was developed. Clockodo is a time management app developed specifically to address the time management needs of small business enterprises (SME’s) and those of freelancers. Developed to be quick, simple and reliable, Clockodo is an effective replacement for the traditional time management software such as Microsoft excel and other traditional methods such as time stamp clocks.

Clockodo is a really easy to use app and anyone can learn to use it on their own without any need for further training. It has an interactive interface that directs the user on where and how to enter data. The application can be used on a computer web browser, a downloaded computer application or a smartphone application. This makes it both easy to access and easy to use.

Being online based, users have access to the application and can log in from any place of their choice. Company employees can log in from the office, from home or from virtually anywhere where they have access to the internet. For this reason accurate data can be entered at any time from any place, making it easier to track the progress and the dynamics of a project. One can see just how much time has been spent on a project, any interruptions incurred and just how much time those interruptions took. Employees vacation time and their working hours can be easily analyzed with the app. This makes it effective for planning and budgeting, enabling the management to accurately determine just how long a project may take and the resources required to see it through.

Clockodo has diverse uses and is not only a time management application. work reports can be entered on the application for easy access and analysis. This eases the management’s work and allows them to carry out management functions seamlessly, without having to micromanage employees.

Data entered on the application is absolutely secure as it is duplicated in several servers which act as back ups in case of a breakdown. This means that individuals and companies can access their data at any time even when their systems have broken down. The application offers a 99.9% guarantee that owners will always have access to their data.

Clockodo is not a free application and users have to pay a monthly fee to use it beyond the one month free trial period. It charges $8 for the first user per month and $5 for additional users. For SME’s with multiple employees, this sum may add up to quite a bit.

While Clockodo is pitched as a multilingual application, it is currently only available in two languages; English and German. This may present a challenge for non-German or English speakers around the world.

For the freelancer who works from home, and for the small business which must manage its time in the best way that it can, either to break even or to stay afloat in a rough environment, Clockodo is a necessary tool. Its benefits far outweigh its disadvantages as it ensures efficiency and will ensure personal, professional and business growth.

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