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I was diagnosed with cancer about a year ago and my doctor recommended that I use Click2Cure. I didn’t know what to do so he walked me through the process over the phone and it was really easy. The app is intuitive and easy to use, even for someone like me who doesn’t have much experience with technology. The best part about this app is that it will help you find a doctor, and get pre-operative lab tests, and post-surgery care. This app is a lifesaver! It has helped me get through this difficult time in my life by making sure that I have all of the support I need. I’m so glad that I found this app!

Get to know about the Click2Cure Health Application

Book an appointment and get Unbelievable offers and discounts on consultations for surgeries from top healthcare specialists in Vadodara. Always affordable and transparent pricing.

1) For any surgery, call us on our helpline and get a FREE consultation with experienced surgeon doctors.
2) All surgeries will be performed at Vadodara’s best setup by experienced surgeons and doctors with the latest technologies and transparent pricing.
3) Click2Cure will help you with Doctor Consultation, Pre-Operative Lab Tests, and Post-surgery care and make sure that all cashless facilities are available to you.
4) Click2Cure will manage hassle-free admission and discharge.

Click2Cure brings Vadodara’s top doctors, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and diagnostic centres on one platform.
Book doctor’s appointments, book lab tests (the home collection is free), and book diagnostic scans.
We provide the easiest and most convenient way to address your health concerns. 

The Benefits of the Click2Cure Mobile Application: 

1. ZERO registration fees—free for patients. 
2. Choose from Doctors across 30+ specialities and the best hospitals/clinics in your city
3. Select a doctor of your choice (like a physician, ENT, general surgeon, etc.). 
4. App notifications / SMS for Follow-up consultation
5. All bank cards, Net banking, UPI, and Wallets are accepted.
6. Check our Click2Cure club to get great offers on Consultation and Laboratory Tests.
7. Our memberships for corporate professionals, Diabetes Care, Heart Care, PCOD/PCOS packages, etc.
9. Best Operative Packages for Appendix Removal, Hernia, Piles, Kidney Stones, UTI, erectile dysfunction, ear holes (Tympanoplasty), thyroid, etc. from the city’s best hospitals. 
10. Best post-operative care and cashless insurance support. 

Lab test at home: 

1. ZERO Smart Home Collection Charges by our experienced phlebotomist.
2. Choose your Lab test and Upload the prescription.
3. A sample gets collected from the address provided. 
4. Get Online reports within 24 hours.
5. Best Offers and Discounts.

Health Check-Ups or Full Body Check-Ups: 

1. 100% cash back on Health Checkups.
2. We do full body health check-ups with all-inclusive which include blood tests with TMT, 2D Echo, ECG, and Doctor consultation too.
3. Thyroid, diabetes, PCOD, vitamin profile, and dengue screening.
4. Organ-Related Checks—Kidney function, liver function.
5. Lifestyle Screening-Smoker’s test & alcohol check.
6. Risk Assessment-Stress, allergy, obesity, cardiac problems.
7. Corporates/Employee Health Check-ups also.

Diagnostic Scan centre Appointment:

1. Book an appointment for an X-Ray, CT scan, MRI, Ultrasound, etc. at Vadodara’s best diagnostic centers.
2. Pick your preferred date, time, and diagnostic center location. 
3. Choose your diagnostic center.

A trustable platform that can fulfill your healthcare needs. Download the Click2Cure application today and get 70% cashback on your First Lab Test.

Take Away

Click2Cure- Health App is the best app for booking appointments and getting discounts on consultations for surgeries. I was able to get a consultation with one of the top surgeons in my area, and they were so happy to offer me an amazing deal on surgery. I’m so glad I found this app!