Citizen Seven

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Citizen Seven has become the first app to scientifically connect local hosts and travellers. This innovative concept is missing one critical component: a personality-based match between travellers and locals. It’s enough with the robotic group tours. There’s no need for those endless TripAdvisor recommendations aimed at the average person.

There have been thousands of locals who share your unique personality and share your interests. These like-minded individuals provide activities and local recommendations tailored to you. They use science to create extraordinary experiences.

Co-owner Program for Hosts

Become a Host

  • Register to become a host.
  • Accomplish your profile and meet a few simple Program requirements.

Receive Your Shares                

  • Receive free company shares and enjoy owning a part of the company.

Earn Money by Hosting

  • On the platform, you can be discovered by travellers, host your experiences, and earn money.

Watch Your Shares Grow

  • The more orders people receive from hosts, the more valuable the company becomes and the more money your shares are worth.

Benefits of Being a Host

  • Make income by doing what you enjoy.
  • Participate for free and become a member of our exclusive community.
  • Co-own our innovative company with other hosts.
  • Work when you like, thereby enjoying the freedom that brings with it. There is no prior experience required.

Finally, make money by guiding activities for tourists and doing what you love. You can tour with outstanding locals that will last a lifetime experience. Based on your personality and interests, computer algorithms match you to people and their adventures.

How Does It Work?


  • Take a quick quiz to actively learn more about your personality.


  • Afterwards, type in your destination to see locals who match your personality wherever you go.


  • Each local has unique travel opportunities. Choose the adventure that appeals to you the most.

Four Aspects of Concept That You Will Appreciate


All local hosts must pass several levels of verification, ensuring that global adventures are as safe as possible.

Secrets that are hidden

Discover hidden gems only locals know about. Do not pass up the secrets you would never discover on your own.

Superior Service

Local hosts share ownership of the company. And owners will always strive to provide the best possible experience.

Personality Compatibility

They make the best memories when they spend time with people who share interests. They make travel possible.

Final Words

If you want a unique app, go for this Citizen Seven web app, which only rewards you with more satisfaction and the best results.

Web App: Citizen Seven