Chat Private with This Tiny Companion ShazzleChat

Chat Private with This Tiny Companion ShazzleChat

Have you ever desired for a peer-to-peer connection that is fully safe and private? People use smartphones on a wide range today and they are able to establish connections in fraction of a second. It creates a private network and we tend to fear all our communications on the web are exposed. We desire for an application that gives full control of privacy to our hands. Yes, ShazzleChat app restricts data aggregation, data-mining, and discovery by other means.

The ShazzleChat app of the communication category allows you to invite all the contacts on the phone, identify active members and also add new contacts. It greatly helps in keeping everything private with your network without any servers or the web and it is totally secure. All the content is present only with the sender and the recipient.

Download the app on the Google Play Store and just enter your phone number and you will be able to get a verification code that has to be entered and that’s it, you are done. Create your own profile by giving the name, address and email. ShazzleChat now asks permission to access and import your contacts. When you have to invite a friend and want them to join on ShazzleChat, just choose a friend and send an SMS invite. The contact now becomes an active user and there you go to have a private conversation with them.

The app has many unique features and I personally love them all. ShazzleChat helps you to have private conversations with friends and family and all the media – shared photos and videos can be set with a timer that self-destructs. The app also asks for a passcode setup for added security. With this, users can create groups of friends and families and start chatting with them. All the private info stays safe with you and you have the complete authority to decide whether you must save the files (docs, audio & video) or share them according to your preference.

ShazzleChat uses the finest technology that comes with ensuring your privacy in the internet communications. It doesn’t ask you to compromise your privacy for the sake of being connected with people across. Conversations can be either private or professional; you need not have any fear of third parties confiscating your data.

It is completely free for download for all Android users and the beta version of the iOS app is also available. ShazzleChat allows for peer-to-peer chat with full privacy under a secure platform.  

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Politics is more engaging, informative and accessible with MOXY

Politics is more engaging, informative and accessible with MOXY

MOXY connects voters, elected representatives, thought leaders and authorized organizations through its nonpartisan political portal. It’s available to download now on iOS and Google Play.

With eligible voter turnout under 50%, the app seeks to solve some of the problems causing so many of us to not vote. By providing more direct lines of communication, a reliable one-stop-shop of information and a way to engage with fellow voters, the app hopes to foster a more politically empowered USA.

Debate is a cornerstone of democracy, and MOXY offers a ton of opportunities to engage with others, including elected representatives. Join forums and discuss opinions, discover new ways of thinking about issues and start group chats to share ideas with others. Going live is also an option, if you want to provide spontaneous updates to the community.

When it comes to information, MOXY has it all in one handy place. No need to scour the internet anymore. You can view upcoming local, regional and national elections along with information on ballots and candidates. Join live streams hosted by elected representatives, thought leaders and authorized organizations to stay in-the-know about what’s happening right now. Information on proposed and enacted legislation is also covered in the app, and you’ll be able to get the official details so you know how things will affect you, your family and loved ones. 

To quote MOXY’s CEO, “MOXY will transform democratic governments through an interactive nonpartisan platform that puts actionable information at the fingertips of any U.S. resident 13 years or older”. If that sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, download the app today on iOS, Google Play or visit their website for more information.

Get the List of Nearby Restaurants You Wish to Dine-In with ‘No Dining Curves’

Get the List of Nearby Restaurants You Wish to Dine-In with ‘No Dining Curves’

Are you planning for a treat with your friends or family? Do you want to know the best options in town? Whenever you want to take people out for dinner, you often come across the toughest task of locating the best place in the city. This can be resolved by surfing on the websites and if you want to make the search process even better, you can do it by means of apps.

No Dining Curves is an app that is given by the company, Vanguard I.T. which specialize in helping firms improve their functionality through technology. This app falls under the ‘Food and Drink’ category and it would be completely useful for anyone who is looking for a good place to dine in.

If you are living in any of the following cities: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Oakland, San Francisco and Seattle then you can be highly benefited by using this app. You can soon expect the company to add a few more cities to the list in the near future.

No Dining Curves keeps track of the restaurants’ all over the country along with its’ health compliance and customer ratings. The app allows for selection of any item from the list like, Favorites, Recommended, A-Listers, Location and Cuisines. The ‘Favorites’ & ‘Recommended’ is a category in the menu of ‘No Dining Curves’ that gives the entire list of the restaurants that are made favorites and recommended by people. All the restaurants top-rated as ‘A’ are present at the top of the list.

No Dining Curves gives the location of each and every restaurant in the city with a map that features the correct address, inspection grade and customer grade and the distance that you need to cover to reach there. Users will also be able to categorize the restaurants based on the type of cuisine and it can be anything like Chinese, Thai, Italian and a lot others. The app allows you to get the menu of the restaurant in the app itself. Users need not have to visit the website or download the PDF file to view them.

The support team of ‘No Dining Curves’ are ready to answer queries in case you have any, if you contact them via No Dining Curves is rated to be 3+ and you can check it out on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. You can download No Dining Curves for free from Google Play or Apple App Store and from Amazon and Samsung stores.

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Suru – The Handy Tool to Organize Your Projects and Tasks

Suru – The Handy Tool to Organize Your Projects and Tasks

On my search for a to-do app, I downloaded and started using almost every other app in the App Store. I was not satisfied with any of them as they lacked the utilities that I desired the most. Every app lacked one or two features that the other one had and I wished all of the functionalities were put together in a single app, so that it would be more useful. To my surprise, seller – Brandon Storms has come with a unique app that helps organise all the projects and tasks with different hues.

Suru is an app that allows for organization of projects, tasks and thoughts, whenever and wherever you are. Using this, you can make new to-do lists, projects, or outlines from any device, if it has Suru installed in it.

By downloading it on the App Store and Mac App Store, you can make use of Suru. The app is perfectly designed with vibrant colours that add more value to its functionality. It is a very powerful to-do list manager that allows you to stay organized. When you use Suru, you will be able to create as many tasks and sub-tasks as possible. You can make more detailing to your paper/presentation and add photos and text to them. You can also set alarms and reminders to your tasks so that you remain productive and don’t forget anything. The app allows you to gather data from anywhere and organise your research systematically. Above all, the app aids you in syncing all the lists and outlines to the cloud and share them with other users of Suru.

Most Notable Features of Suru:

  • With the help of different colors,users can create and maintain their projects with interesting color themes and prioritize and organise them.
  • With Suru, you can export the works and share them with others in PDF format.
  • Users can also re-organize, re-color, and delete items or sub-items using the intuitive interface quickly and easily.
  • The updated version of Suru has come with a lot of options that enable you to alter the look and feel of your Suru projects.
  • With the Pro version of Suru, you can stay in perfect sync with all the devices in a secure manner.
  • You can catch the team online at to share your feedback and get your queries answered.

Suru Price Details:

Suru comes with monthly and annual subscriptions at a price of $1.49 and $8.99 respectively. Available in 4 different languages, the app Suru is rated 4+.

I by myself, love vibrant colours and this app has helped me take my organization to the next level with much ease.  

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Turn Your Social Distancing Into Distant Socializing with Toodls

Turn Your Social Distancing Into Distant Socializing with Toodls

The change in social distancing has taken us to the need of making video calls, video – conferencing, hosting events and classes online and a lot more. We have several apps that have come for usage, but my recommendation is Toodls – whether it’s a friendship gathering, a family meeting or a slumber party.

Toodls given by MaGlobe, Inc, is a unique platform that allows you to connect with individuals by hosting events and activities of all sorts both online and in-person. You can conduct in-person events when you come out of this pandemic situation of 2020. As of now events can be hosted online using this app. Users of the app host these events and will be able to connect with other hosts and participants on Toodls.

Toodls users can take part in any event just by choosing one and clicking the ‘Join Event’ button. The app lets you add your own guests to any event and it can be either your friends or your family. The different categories of events that can be hosted on the app are (Live Music, Dining, Sporting Events, Health, Personal Care, Family, Events, Business, Careers, Education, Religion, Spirituality, Support Groups, Hobbies, Travel, Volunteering, and Others).

Toodls offer different options to the hosts and they will be able to conduct virtual events online, organize a private event where they can choose the guests for themselves and organize a public event where the user will be able to host and ask all the Toodls users to participate. The host of the event can take the privilege and be choosy about the guests who can participate in the event.

With Toodls, you need not be afraid of your personal info being compromised. The app has been designed with your privacy in mind and the only person who is liable to share the personal info with others is you and nobody else can do that. The most appreciable thing about Toodls is that they do not sell any ads.

The app comes for both free and paid plans. The free version has some limited functionalities whereas the paid subscription for $ 9.99 is available for a time slot of 1 year with some additional features.

In a nutshell, with Toodls, you can join events depending upon your availability and activity and host different events. You can manage and host activities and events and choose who attends them. Make private groups with your friends and family and also conduct public groups for hiking, yoga, dance, etc.

Toodls is free for download and it supports both iOS and Android devices. Download Toodls today and explore the endless possibilities you have. It lets you change your social distancing into distant socializing and makes it a whole lot fun.

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Get a more holistic overview of your health with HealthChampion

Get a more holistic overview of your health with HealthChampion

There’s a lot of data out there about our health, add in the personal data we generate through smart devices and wearables and that is a lot of data. But without access to some of it, or the right tools to use it, what good is it all?

HealthChampion is a new HIPAA verified app which aims to provide you with a more holistic overview of your health, giving the tools you need to improve your health and receive more personalized care. It’s available to download on Google Play, iOS or visit their website for more information.

Currently the app can securely sync electronic health records from over 600,000 health networks and providers. More and more providers are complying with the appropriate regulations to make their data on you available to you, and HealthChampion’s database is growing with it.

If you have a fitness, health or medical smart device, you can connect it to the app and automatically sync that data, too. The app supports over 20 leading brands of fitness device and 25 leading brands of medical & vitals trackers, making it super compatible.

And if all that data wasn’t enough, HealthChampion features a private health journal for you to track and record notes about symptoms, save questions to ask your doctor and make other comments. A timeline view lets you view all your health activities over time. No other app provides you with the data and tools to view such a complete picture of your health.

The app just doesn’t sync all your data, it’s packed full of useful resources including a huge library of ‘Pathways’ to follow. Pathways are programs designed by wellness, health and medical professionals – they are step by step journeys to help you manage and improve your health, specific to your situation. From managing asthma to weight loss to recovering from a major procedure, the personalized Pathways in the app are a trustworthy, reliable resource for you to better your wellbeing.

HealthChampion supports secure profile sharing, meaning that the app is perfect for caregivers, too. You’ll be able to track somebody else’s symptoms, medications, treatments and track their progress through the health pathways.

Download the app on Google Play, iOS or visit their website for more information.