The #1 source for cannabis dispensaries, products, services and information in Canada

The #1 source for cannabis dispensaries, products, services and information in Canada

Up until now, it’s been difficult to find one place for all your Cannabis needs. While there are apps that help you find dispensaries, and those that’ll help you grow your own at home, no apps are as comprehensive as Leafythings.

Built for all Canadians – whether you’re a consumer, retailer or looking to enter the Cannabis industry – Leafythings is available to download on iOS on Google Play.     

For consumers, whether medicinal or recreational, the app provides an easy to navigate map with user reviews and recommendations for the best dispensaries, delivery services, doctors and other cannabis products in your area.

You’ll also find a wealth of information inside the app covering the frequently asked questions and subjects such as current legislation, market and industry data, getting properly licensed and even how to grow it at home. Information is kept up-to-date, so it’s a fantastic resource.

Retailers will be able to advertise their products on Leafythings, providing an alternative to directory listings which can often be expensive for how much value they provide.

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for cannabis products and information in Canada, look no further!

Download the app today on iOS, Google Play or visit for more information.  

Mask On / Mask Off – A Casual Game with the Concept of Masks

Mask On / Mask Off – A Casual Game with the Concept of Masks

Individuals from the olden days have been using face masks. These help people hide their face, attract others and pose a varied look and so much more. With this wide-spreading corona, the usage of face masks has become a must to prevent the spread of the disease. A new innovative game has come into life and they help us to get into gaming with the masks on and off.

Yes, given by OnceRed LLC, the game Mask On / Mask Off is so interesting and it keeps you gaming for so many hours. The app falls under the Casual category in the Play Store. This game app allows users to mask the smileys without masks. The concept of the game seems simpler but it takes a lot of skill when you need to master the higher levels of the game. If you have any doubts, you can write to the team on and get them answered. The app requires Android 4.0.3 or later versions and is rated 3+.

Mask On / Mask Off was made with the idea of giving back to the players. Yes, they generate revenue by making use of the advertisements watched by gamers. This income from the ads is donated to the first responders and needy local food pantries. This app gives users 200 bonus points for watching the ads. This is one great method to donate and aid others simply by watching ads at the end. 

The strategy lies in how you would do the task. Throughout the entire game, the faces with smileys appear and disappear and they would come up to occupy the whole board. The app Mask On / Mask Off comes with power-ups that permit users to buy items with these points. These items will help users to clear away all the blocked squares, add time and complete any difficult round. The app monitors all the levels as you progress with the score, target and time, all of which gets displayed at the bottom of the screen when you game. 

The app is so neatly designed and is easy to operate. It is so creative of the team to think of how they could make a game with the masks on and off. I enjoyed it thoroughly as I played the game with the different smileys that denote a pill, vaccine, nurses, etc. The various menu icons of the app alert users to operate the app without any hindrance. Download Mask On / Mask Off today and enjoy with this new game of masking and unmasking. 

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1Locker Secret Photo Album

1Locker Secret Photo Album

I fell in liking with the several features of this 1Locker Secret Photo Album app ( because it was one of the numerous aspects which satisfies all kinds of global users. I’m glad that it is making massive benefits for users and if you’re a fan of this kind of app who love new aspects, then this will not disappoint.


Get Best out from 1Locker Secret Photo Album

1Locker Secret Photo Album qualitatively secures personal photos and videos by locking them down with PIN number protection. It’s the best vault for storing personal photos, videos, passwords, and notes. With its beautiful design, user-friendly interface and advanced encryption, you can keep the prying eyes away, protect your privacy, secure your photos, and save phone space.

How Secret Photo Album App Used for

 It preserve secret photos and albums to store great and special memories
 You can share stored media to yourself or friends
 Possible to Browse private web pages without leaving any histories
 Assist to memorize and secure passwords
 It can protect notes of your driver’s license, ID cards, and credit cards
 You can collect personal contacts and make a phone call/send a text with one click

Salient Features of 1Locker Secret Photo Album

 Easy-to-use PIN access
 Face ID/Touch ID protection
 Advanced alphabetic passwords
 Decoy account to hide real private stuff
 Photo and video backup through wi-fi
 Customizable photo albums, with cover photos
 Lock the app from settings
 Beautiful design and great user experience
 Sharing or exporting your photos and videos later on
 Dark Mode in iOS 13
 No annoying ads

Key Aspects of 1Locker Secret Photo Album

 The parents can prevent their children from seeing some private stuff on their phones;
 You can store hundreds of passwords from various websites;
 Women who suffer harassment can record memos and take photos to save evidence to protect them. A new father used 1Locker to store his wife’s birth-giving photos, to avoid co-workers from seeing them
 You can just stuff this app with anything you don’t want anyone else to see

Final Recommendation

I strongly suggest giving 1Locker Secret Photo Album app a try if you’re in the lookout for some unique Locking app and want something that is absolutely distinctive. It perfectly offers a nice variety to the users that they actually find in App Stores.

For more information, please visit or follow its

HomePage updates contact information in real-time. Never lose touch!

HomePage updates contact information in real-time. Never lose touch!

At its core, HomePage is a communication app. Rather than manually updating and maintaining contacts in your phone, all you need to do is keep HomePage up-to-date and those you’re connected with can always have your latest info.

Mycard creates a personalized QR code that is “Always You.” Should any of that information change, you simply update your own MyCard and seamlessly stay connected. You can put users into the ‘Contacts’ tier, where they have limited access (perfect for networking and professional use) and ‘Connections’ (great for friends and family) who can see everything you put on your HomePage.

Aside from just phone numbers, you can also add email addresses, LinkedIn, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube and other social media accounts. Between you and your circle, it’s a closed-network social media platform where you can share posts, messages, pictures and videos with your friends. Because sometimes you just don’t want to share everything with the world, right?

As a professional, HomePage takes networking to a new level. Instead of handing out business cards, which can get lost, outdated and forgotten about, just use HomePage. You’ll both be connected and have access to the relevant contact information, regardless of how much time has passed, job changes and so on. It’s a shame how many people we lose contact with due to outdated information – now that can be a thing of the past.

To download HomePage, visit the App Store, Google Play or through the website at

Incredible App for Contractors:  Contractor+

Incredible App for Contractors: Contractor+

Large number of business app available at market today for the business people. One among such a unique app in the market place, specially designed for contractors to reduce their work and make their work flow very much easy. Contractor+ is a positive evolution in the projects of Handymen and more than 50 categories of contractors and property management companies are going to step in to their next level of credibility.

Estimation for any business is more complicating when we need to make any important corrections to increase the difficulty. With the Help of Contractor+, you can add photos for each task to enrich the estimation. Contractor+ having partners like Home Depot, Lowe’s, Menards, Ace Hardware, and more to help you to plan a shopping list with pricing. Also, this app is partnered with Lightstream by SunTrust bank which financing the home remodeling projects.

Contractor+ Inc, designed this app to help all the contractors to impress their clients and also to ease their work in field operations. Construction management is the main purpose of this app, Service-based works are also aligned with this app. Not only the construction works, but also you can bid on the projects among the contractors around your area by using this app.

With the help of Contractor+, you can produce invoices for the customers and make secured transactions through PayPal, Stripe,, YourPay, Etc. These options were helping safe and instant payments to keep the plan easier. Estimation and invoice making plays a vital role in every construction company, which will become easy by using this app since it is having huge number of features to make your job easy.

Contractor+ available for both iOS and Android users and compatible with all devices, It comes under the Business category. This app helps you to manage your team members’ work by adding your members in the app and tracking their performance and potential with the tasks they’ve been working with.

This app comes with a bold and bright interface which makes you connect with your many projects simultaneously and run the report to boost productivity. By sending the daily reports before and after the completed tasks to your clients makes your credibility increased and helps you to win more projects from them.

The additional special feature in this app is, its Tool library, which can track your tools with the help of an inexpensive Bluetooth tag when it is displaced for the projects. And these invoices, estimations, employer’s salary, payments, reimbursements, and worksheets were synced under Quick book to make your view better to analyze the status of your projects. And this app is a boon to the client who can’t make themselves in the job site and they can inspect all the works using contractor+.

Contractor+ is having lot of positive reviews from many contractors and rated with 4.8 in Play Store, This shows the potential/quality of this app, so every contractor should make use of this app and grow in their business. One cannot find such good app with so many useful features with easy interface. Go with the app and make your work stress free.

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HelpQR – The Ultimate QR Scan and Browse App

HelpQR – The Ultimate QR Scan and Browse App

QR Codes can give you almost any kind of digital data and they are good for short URLs, contact info, SMS / phone call trigger for mobile phones and are used for many other cool tricks. An app that scans a QR & Barcode is an essential QR reader for every Android device. HelpQR – Scan and Browse is a QR code reader/scanner that is extremely easy to use.

Offered by Lieber Verwalter, it belongs to the ‘Tools’ category in the Play store. The app scans a QR code quickly and easily. It assists you to open the QR code immediately and you don’t have to click on any links unnecessarily. HelpQR – Scan and Browse comes with a quick scanner that helps you to simply point QR code scanner to QR or barcode you want to scan. It will automatically start scanning and you need not press any buttons, take photos or adjust the zoom button as this barcode reader works automatically.

The app was developed to start explanatory videos with the help of QR codes. Using this app, users can scan any QR URL. Then you can browse it directly on any browser and that’s it. All the videos that you want are fetched in here. You can later choose to download them. HelpQR – Scan and Browse does the job very efficiently.

Under the setting icon of the app, you can choose the language to be either English or German. Under the About Us section of the app, users can rate the app and read the privacy policy. In the ‘History’ section, users can discover the different websites they have visited earlier along with its date and time. This feature in HelpQR – Scan and Browse allows user to save the scan history so that they can make use of it sometime later in case of future download needs. There are also options in the app that help us to clear the scan history.

Updated on October 8 2020, the app works well and is easy to operate. It occupies a very less storage space of 2.7M. It requires Android 4.1 and later versions and it is a paid app. When you have any doubts you can contact the developer on the email id:

We know that QR codes are everywhere, just install this QR code reader app and scan QR URL just like that on the go. Download HelpQR – Scan and Browse today and enjoy the unlimited benefits of scanning and getting links faster than the usual.

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