Visualize your phone calls with Flash

Visualize your phone calls with Flash

With Flash, now available on the App Store and Google Play, you can actually catch glimpses of what’s happening behind your phone calls! Rethink everything you know about phone calls, because Flash is changing the game.

Now, you can send (and receive) photos to your friend’s or family’s phones whenever you call them! Simply take a photo of whatever you’re doing at the moment — maybe add a caption or emoji — and the photo will appear as your caller ID on the receiving phone! It’s effortless, fun, and lets the other person know what you’re calling for before they pick up.

You can also continue your phone conversations within the app with messaging! Keep spilling the tea with your BFF, or get other people in the loop with group chats. What more could you want out of a messenger app?

Not to mention, Flash is also free — download it on the App Store or Google Play today!

SeatsPlanet is all about best Carpooling

SeatsPlanet is all about best Carpooling

There are some of us which always seeks for sharing rides. For them, SeatsPlanet is the best solution. The main highlighting feature of this app is that it can be used by driver and a passenger as well for their use. The driver can use this app for sharing his or her car for extra income and a passenger can use this app for searching for a ride in sharing basis.

Key specification:

  • The user profile for making the account
  • Discussion option for rideshare
  • Online payment system
  • User-friendly graphics
  • FAQ questions reflecting all kinds of information
  • Searching for the ride through the search option

SeatsPlanet Using:

The use of this application is very simple. If you want to share your car and make it a cab then just post the ride, you will get the request. If you want to search for the ride then simply search it through the search option. The cost will be calculated on the basis of the price of gas and the maintenance cost of the vehicle. In case if you are using it for the first time, you need to make the account and your profile. This service will be available in many other locations. Currently it is available at Terrebonne, Boucherville and Repentigny.

Merits of this app:

It gives rise to the cost-effective rideshare and also it is the best way to grab the extra income through sharing of your car. It is easy to use and also very much user-friendly. I’m totally happy with it.

Summary: SeatsPlanet is a riding application which enables the user to use it as a driver or as a passenger.

  • Usability: 4.5
  • Accessibility: 5
  • Features: 4.5
  • Graphics: 4.5

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“I forgot their name” is no longer in your vocabulary

“I forgot their name” is no longer in your vocabulary

You only have seven seconds to make a first impression, and remembering someone’s name plays a crucial part in that. Name Skillz, now available on the App Store and Google Play, aims to help you foster strong relationships, close more clients, improve sales skills, and most importantly, gain respect from others.

Name Skillz will walk you through three simple steps to eventually hit mastery. First and foremost, you’ll learn the most important part, visualization. Then you’ll learn up to 200 of the most popular names in the US, and apply your learnings in a virtual real life scenario. Meaning, you’ll actually be put to the test by recalling the names of people in groups!

The app also includes Bonus Cards for those lifelong learners who particularly want to learn as much as they possibly can about the art of remembering names.

Remembering names isn’t just for social butterflies or geniuses. Even an average Joe can remember the name of another average Joe. Download Name Skillz on the App Store or Google Play today!



Have you ever used the wireless technology for the trading of securities? By wireless technology, I refer to the mobile trading where you can access various trading platforms from your phones instead of using traditional methods via computer/laptop. Maybe you haven’t used it earlier. But trading requires a lot of attention and for tracking the updates and other information related to the market, you need to login your account again and again which may not be possible on the computer every time. So to make your work easier and worth it, we have an app in our court for your comfort.

The ADS Securities LLC, an innovative global financial services company is offering low-cost CFD trading through the trading platform called ADSS trading app. With ADSS trading app, you’ll be able to trade with leverage on a wide range of CFD market-

•          Shares
•          Forex
•          Indices
•          Commodities
•          Cryptocurrencies

You can perform all the operations on your mobile phone easily using this mobile friendly platform. Basically, mobile trading means using wireless technology in securities trading. It allows investors to access trading platforms from their phones rather than being confined to traditional trading methods via computer. This type of technology allows easier access for the Smartphone users to actively manage their portfolios even when they are not able to user their laptop or a desktop.

The app offers low cost CFD trading on Cryptos, Forex, commodities, shares and indices. This mobile trading app allows you to monitor the market, place trades, check open positions, manage orders and  funds from anywhere at anytime.The app offers CFD trading on the world’s most popular financial instruments and currencies such as S&P 500, EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, Gold and oil. The company offers competitive leverage rates across all the products.

The functioning of the app is very simple and easy. You can open, fund and start trading on your account in just a few minutes. The designing of the app is quite good and it’s intuitive in nature. The app is user-friendly and has totally kept the traders in mind while creating it. So you’ll get the trading experience using this app without any hassle.

Features of the app:

  • It offers over 1000 CFDs which include Forex, commodities, indices and single stocks.
  • more than 90 currency pairs
  • Gold, silver, platinum and palladium
  • Product selector, search and watchlist
  • One button account deposit/ withdrawals
  • Open and closed position screens
  • Working orders (limit orders) screens

The ADSS Trading app has been developed by ADS Securities L.L.C., which is a limited liability company incorporated under United Arab Emirates law. The company is registered with the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission. The app is compatible with all the Android Smartphones having the latest version of the Operating System.

So put the desktop in your pocket and make the markets work for you at anytime, anywhere.

It’s available for free on the Google app store. Try it now!

Pros: best mobile trading app; offers low cost CFD trading; works flawlessly; easy to use; can be used anytime, anywhere; the intuitive UI; free. 

Cons: none.

Worth Having App – Download for IOSDownload for Android

Hygger: Must Have Project Management Software

Hygger: Must Have Project Management Software

Hygger is online project management software for agile teams. It will help to make the project management process with better quality. The solution to your project problem is in this one formal application. This platform promotes the adaptability, meeting the deadline and managing the task on most innovative way. If your team is encountering a difficulty, Hygger represents the answer to your problem.

The Features and Strengths of the Product

• Agile Project Management: This feature aids the team to improve their performance with the used of agile tools.

• Hygger helps in prioritizing your product development. They will execute you the beast ideas to your project.

• It provides a roadmap that allows the user to visualize their outcomes and plan. This strategy supports the team in their step by step procedure to keep them updated.

• The convenient of managing all the processes in one place.

• Combining tasks that belong to a certain release.

• This software will keep the accountability high and accurate.

• You can, in addition, include a comprehensive overview of the task during the process.


• Hygger has many impressive features for junior teams such as backlog and roadmaps. And this software is absolutely free to use. You can customize who can participate because of the various boards.

• The hygger is fast. You can manage to start your product with Hygger key features. It has a good UX.

• Any kind of user can enjoy operating this software. There is no limit to create dashboards so this is ideal for any companies. The big or small team can use this friendly software.

• It was effortless to inspire and manage the workloads. This will assist you to organize the product backlog.

• This software is a time saver. Hygger is best to use for collaboration and planning of your product development.

• Hygger is exceptionally easy and simple to operate. You can push the tasks and include more and more ideas to your project. The pricing options are great for a small team for startup.

• You can mark all the history of the various commits that you can view clearly. The Kanban lists that host the team a swim lane that is convenient for the user. The task management and collaboration of the tools are perfect.

• Many beneficial features that you cannot compare with any products. The support team will constantly restore you to overcome any problem. They are excellent!


• No edit options like bold, italic and underline.

• This can be used offline as well.

• The user interfaces are not yet improved.

• Mouse dragging wearily can still cause frustrating delays.

• We cannot manage this application using iPhone or iPad. On the go, people need this feature to keep updated.

• No export of pdf files and excels as well

• No color theme for each column.

• There is no email for notifying.

Final Verdict

Nothing is more satisfactory than this online software. This is great for establishing an extraordinary thing for successful businesses. It was flexible to allegedly operate and properly manage. The innovative product is most outstanding to use wisely for better product development. I can positively assure you for the best result. I definitely recommend this application. This is inevitably the answer to all the difficulties when it comes to managing your project.

Worth Having App – Try webApp VersionTry Android version

Raise funds & donate to charitable causes directly with 98 Cents!

Raise funds & donate to charitable causes directly with 98 Cents!

I get good vibes from 98 Cents, a new peer-to-peer charitable donation / fundraising app. Available to download now on Google Play, the app makes it easy to donate to charity, raise funds for charitable causes and receive financial aid if you’re in need of it.

Often, when you donate to a large charity, the majority of your money doesn’t actually go directly to the cause. With staff members to pay, marketing campaigns to fund and so on, it’s difficult to know how much of your money reaches those in need. With 98 Cents, except for a small fee to process secure credit card payments, all of your money goes directly to the person or cause you’re supporting. Donations are completely transparent so donors and the community can see how and where donations are providing help.

For those in need, 98 Cents gives them a way to receive donations and raise funds to help improve their situations. In the spirit of building a kind, honest community, 98 Cents vets people who want to raise money on the platform or receive donations to make sure it’s for a genuine cause.

98 Cents is an app that will surely make a positive impact in many people’s lives, giving us a straightforward, transparent platform to donate our pocket change and do some good.

Download now on Google Play or visit for more information.