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If you own a business or any other company, you need to schedule your meetings or any other appointments with the clients and your co-workers using your calendar. You can manage all the events, meetings, appointments and everything else using the calendar. You can even set reminders for any personal events, functions, festivals, etc., so that you don’t miss anything. For this, you need to download a calendar app that you love! I have found one such app which is known as Calendar.AI, which is a business calendar and scheduling app. The app has been compatible with all the latest Android Operating Systems and it’s absolutely free of cost.

Some studies show that you don’t have the time to prepare for the upcoming meetings always, but, if something is on your Calendar, you are much prone to accomplish it and keep all your plans on track. So, instead of making a list only you can schedule all your tasks within an all in one tool Calendar.AI. Once you have selected the participants, you can schedule a meeting, attach your documents, emails, lists, and even add notes using Calendar.AI on your mobile phone. You can also show up with whom you’re meeting, what’s the agenda of the meeting, whether you’re stressed about it or not. All you need is to prepare for the upcoming meetings which will pay you later. Your efforts will give you a lot of opportunities with the new clients and the vendors. So the app helps you achieve all that!

When you schedule a meeting with any company, you can tap on the company logo and collect all the information related to them and get it delivered to your phone instantly with Calendar.AI. You can also do that for meeting participants! There’s no need to search about the company on the web and then gather information, Calendar.AI does it all! Once the meeting is over, you can use the Smart scheduler to book a follow-up meeting by checking each person’s schedule and find the perfect, available time slot to meet for all.

Calendar.AI gives you powerful company insights such as: you can see the personal profiles of everyone attending the meeting, their social media news, history of employment, location and even their photos. You can attach the time-period of the meetings, it’s agendas, or any other documents to the scheduled meeting. Moreover, you can integrate video conferencing into your meetings by using tools such as: WebEx, Skype, Zoom, GoToMeeting or Business. You can also add any private notes to the calendar entry.

Overall, the app is very smart for scheduling meetings on the go! The interface of the app is quite attractive and it’s easy to use and works quickly and efficiently. Unlike other calendar apps, this app brings powerful insights and helpful information to you so that you can manage your schedules and your time easily.

So don’t wait, schedule your meetings with the Calendar.AI.

Pros: user-friendly interface; works faster; powerful tool; all in one scheduling platform; a lot of features; free to use.

Cons: none.

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