Build meaningful connections in-person with Soone!

by Aug 16, 2022Android App Reviews0 comments

With so many dating and social apps out there, it’s never been easier to message people. Friends, family, potential romantic partners. But how often does it go beyond the texting stage and result in a meet-up? Rarely.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to get out and meet people in-person, then Soone is the perfect app for you. Its unique way of facilitating connections encourages just enough texting to break the ice and make a plan, placing more emphasis on the in-person part than anything else.

How often have you spent ages texting somebody you don’t know, only to finally meet up with them and they aren’t at all what you expected? Think of how much time you could save by using Soone!

When you open an account you’ll need to verify your profile picture to make sure you – and other users – aren’t catfishing. Update your bio, add a couple of tags to share some interesting tidbits of information and start searching for matches.

You’ll be able to see approximately (Soone never uses your exact location) where other users are around you, as well as cafes, bars, restaurants and more. There are even Soone-verified locations which have been pre-screened to ensure they are publicly visible and secure.

Once you send over your connection request, they’ll have just 30 minutes to accept. This ensures that the person you’re connecting with is ready and waiting to make plans. Once connected, chat will stay open for 2 hours. Just enough time to say hello and make plans!

It’s an interesting, bold way to make a connection. Whether you’re looking for a romantic partner or platonic relationship, spend less time texting a faceless somebody and more time meeting the real person. Download Soone on IOS and Google Play today!

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