Box Island – Learn Coding and Have Fun

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Box Island is a game that runs on the IOS platform, works with both IPhone & IPad. The game is a fun-packed, interactive experience that offers entertainment and knowledge at the same time. Developed by the veterans of gaming and application development, Radiant Games ehf., they target the kids below age 12 years such that the game shall offer them a fun packed interface that opens the window for knowledge flow without upsetting their need for gaming.

The adventurous game scenarios give a perfect opportunity for kids to keep their gaming concept alive at the same time they release the basics of coding along with this. This interactive gaming cum learning app is one of the parent’s most favorite suggestions for their kids. The entire game proceeds based on a story packed with thrilling experience and challenging situations that enhance the perception of kids to think out of the box to tackle each problem.


Design aspects of the game

The game features a 3D user interface and gaming body, which is very simple and relaxed for kids to handle. All the options and instructions are in layman terms such that kids can pick them very easily. The gaming experience is made overwhelming by splashing vivid colors and graphics to make them appealing to users.

There are 100 levels available in the game, of which 10 are available for free such that users shall try them to feel the experience. Upon completing 10 levels one can purchase this from iTunes for an affordable cost. Each game is puzzle loaded up with rudimentary coding concepts like loops, conditions etc. Upon on solving each level, the kids acquire more knowledge which will definitely help them in grades.


Highlights of Box Island

The game features nearly 100 levels of the non pareil gaming experience for kids. If the game is completed till level 100, by then the kid might have been a vantage regarding coding. This early spark shall be lit in the future for them to be a professional coding expert. The purchased levels are basically divided as junior, skilled and master coder with an affordable cost of around $7.99 for the master level. The featured coding is not for namesake. The game exposes the child to some of the heart topics like patterns, debugging, loops, algorithmic sequences, conditional operators, etc. The game features amusing songs and background score that will definitely steal the minds of kids and provide a soothing ambiance to bag some knowledge. The 3D interface is another highlight along with improved UI on the latest release.

Pros & Cons


· Simple and easy to operate

· Mind blowing 3d graphics

· HD game play, effects and animations


· Needs to purchase after level 10

· Performance degrades if not updated

Final Verdict

The game is highly recommended for kids since it is not a time pass useless play. The child gets exposed to coding basics which definitely would improve their rational thinking skills and capacity. Moreover, parents can relax over the dilemma when the kid cries for the phone. Atleast they are not wasting time. Though the higher levels need to be purchased, each penny is worth spending.

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