Boost Your Reputation with The Ultimate Review API

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People often discuss about the experience they had on using a product or service to other members. Nowadays, online reviews serve as a source of information for others when they search for what product or service they want to use. You might be an individual hair dresser, a freelancer, an SEO  company or even a corporate with a bigger business: all the reviews need to be noted so as to make business decisions and negative feedbacks must be corrected to improve your market. Getting all the reviews from various sources is not an easy task. However, there are a number of API’s available to scrape these reviews from different sources.

When you need to boost your local rankings, elevate your online visibility and develop an amazing online reputation or even grow your market, these reviews would be greatly useful. Review API is one ultimate solution to this task and it scrapes online reviews and content from 30+ review sites including Google, Yelp, Product Hunt and Trip Advisor. This API comes with the full documentation that you might need if you must integrate it into your website or software.

The common cases where you might need the use of a Review API is when you need well structured data sets for machine learning, to get user feedback and make right decisions that accounts to brand monitoring. It also aids in increasing your vendor profile with the help of customer feedback and reviews.

The Review API comes with many pricing plans namely small, medium, large and very large with a price of 24, 60, 140 and 310 dollars respectively. The API also has an annual subscription plan which you can use in case you decide to pay annually. Review API also provides a free plan with Email support, 50 monthly requests and self-service onboarding. To observe the full benefits of using Review API, you can utilize this plan. The number of monthly requests, HTTPS encryption, the type of support – be it email or personal, the service level agreement and onboarding depends upon the plan you choose. The plans can be terminated or changed whenever you wish.

When you need any help with the integration process, the team is there to help you as you reach them on [email protected] or contact them through the contact form on the website. With Review API, getting reviews had never been this easier and I would strongly suggest it to all my business peers.

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