BBF iOS App Review

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Burp, Belch, and Fart (BFF) is a new and exciting iOS memory game with interesting features to enjoy with friends or during your free time. The game was released on August 22nd, 2017 by Pure Fursion Media, Inc.

BBF is a memory game in which players can click on some colored buttons in a particular sequence to animate some characters. Each colored button represents a specific action that the character reacts to. It has several actions to play around with including snorting, farting, belching, sneezing and burping.

The game features six different characters to add more fun it. Characters include “Dejon,” a fresh looking and hip guy, “Selfie Sasha,” who loves taking selfies, “Backyard Bob,” who looks sickly yet funny, “Dylan,” the cool surfer, “Sammy” the fun blue shark and finally “Jonsey the alien” with one giant eye. Bonus points are available for quick players as you move from one level to the other. Higher levels tend to be more difficult although exciting and longer. By reaching level 8, you get an extra life to help you continue enjoying the game.

The first thing you will notice is the colorful feature it has incorporated; I especially love colorful buttons that contain the sound effects. Each button has its color to differentiate between them. The characters are also colorful and have a great background for each character.

The gameplay is quite easy, just press the beeping button, and the resultant sound effect will be heard. To add more fun to it, the developers have added background sounds reacting to each button’s effect. For example, if a character farts, you’ll hear some noises complaining. This is a feature that makes the game more lively and a fun game to play with friends. I
especially loved playing with “Selfie Sasha.” She seems the serious and no-nonsense type until you press the fart button, isn’t she gassy that girl.

There are a series of videos on each character uploaded on YouTube with their corresponding effects during the gameplay. If you are having a hard time playing the game or you just need to watch the videos, you can subscribe to the game’s dedicated YouTube page and learn more about the game.


• Easy to play

• The game is suitable for all ages

• Unlimited levels for an extensive playing time

• Playing the game helps improve memory

• Produces funny sounds that will entertain you and your friends

• Challenging as you increase levels

• Fun to play


• Can be annoying to some people

• Boring after some times

• Not challenging enough

• Not enjoyable on mute as the sound effects make it fun

There are several similar apps in the apple store with different gameplay, but this has been made unique. Making people produces sounds with a touch of a button is rather funny and enjoyable, the developers have also animated the characters adding to the fun. Including many levels will also increase its popularity since people love a challenge. Be sure to get entertained with the hilarious catch phrases from the game. The game can be found on apple store and is only
70mbs big. Get laughing with the Burp, Belch and Fart game and train your brain…. One fart at a time!

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