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If you’ve tried to search HR software for your growing business, you’ve likely to come across BambooHR. After all, they are regarded as one of the best HR vendors for small businesses.

It is almost revealed that business owners with small to mid-sized companies have their hands full dealing with day to day business matters. They don’t have time to play the role of human resources manager and apart from that everything else they’re already doing. BambooHR is an effective platform that understands the time constraints SMBs are under, providing self-service HR tools to keep employees happy and records up-to-date.

BambooHR could assist you to track and control your employee data. It is simple to enter some basic details about each employee on your team respectively as name, home address, phone number, and emergency contacts. They could be viewed as an overview of everything which you’ve included on the dashboard page. The dashboard page is also where you’ll actively search a list of the files most recently uploaded, upcoming employment anniversaries, and any reports you’ve created.


Moreover this app of BambooHR provides tools that automate the task of employee management, seamlessly tracking employee vacation requests, paid time off (PTO), and eligibility for health insurance benefits.

One could easily cut down on the time you spend fielding questions from employees about various benefits and contracts by using BambooHR’s self-service tools. The employees could log into the platform to search their own answers to virtually any human resources question. You could also set up email alerts to automatically go out when employees become eligible for benefits, immensely celebrate birthdays or anniversaries, or when licensing requirements actually come due. It is also enumerated that BambooHR professionally integrates into a number of the most familiar business apps, respectively TRAXpayroll towards payroll and BeneTrac towards benefit enrollment.

Tools and management tab provides you the core admin features of BambooHR. They have effective tools respectively as creating email alerts to remind you of any task or notify you about your employees, for instance, a new employee’s 30 day milestone available for the HR people, or you could also develop announcements by following simple steps. The feature also comprises other facilities like enabling electronic signatures and much more aspects.

Beneficial Aspects:

  • Easy to approve or decline employee vacation requests
  • Could decrease the time you spend answering questions about health benefits
  • Feature of automatically email employees on their work anniversaries each year
  • Possible to store health forms and employee handbooks securely in the cloud
  • Develop unique permissions for managers and employees
  • Advanced users could take advantage of the BambooHR API


I felt like BambooHR providing robust employee profiles that integrate simply into your company’s directory. I also found that the software comprise social media links so that employees could load their LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook accounts at their ease. I also like that the profile adds personal information, the person’s role within the organization, and permits for a picture to be uploaded.


BambooHR is available in three editions according to number of users, all the packages comprise core feature of BambooHR respectively as detailed employee records, report library, employee self-service, manager self-service, salary and job history, track training, phone support, benefits tracking and email support.

  • For 1-10 users $69/month
  • For 10-15 users $149/ month
  • For 16-25 users $169/month
  • For 26-50 users $229/month
  • A free trial of 7 days

According to me the companies could actively save money by moving their HR departments into the cloud. BambooHR naturally develops reports based on the data mangers put in. The managers could access employee documents from any computer, even when they’re working from home. Moreover the employees could use the system to check their perfect eligibility for benefits.