Physiological research has proved that speaking more than one language has a great benefit to the cognitive process of the brain. It can be seen that the brain structure of bilingual people are very different from those of single language people. Learning a foreign language gives your brain the functionality to face challenging situations which will recognize, negotiate and communicate in different systems. Students who study foreign languages are proven to score better marks than when compared to others. Their vocabulary and thinking processes are variably improved. Multitasking becomes an easy task. They are known to juggle work and provide an efficient and thorough result. It also strives to improve your memory. Besides learning a new language at the confines of your home is a great way to spend your time.

‘Bake My Words’ is a mobile application that works as an education app which improves learning a new language for the user.

Developed by:

Bake My Words’ was developed and created by ‘Cretorial’ as an Educational app.

How the app works:

Download and launch the ‘Bake My Words’ application on to your mobile device or other portable and suitable devices. ‘Bake My Words’ is a mixture of fun and learning which lets us learn a language just like baking. Get used to the experience of creating short content. Recreate content, learn the language, arrange and understand the sentences. Each time you guess the word or the sentences, you increase your boundary of knowledge. As you learn, you evolve in this app.

Features of the app:

Bake My Words’ has many cool features which are,

  • Easy way to learn a new language
  • Simple and easy UI/UX
  • Can be used by people of all ages
  • Makes learning a language fun and easy

Compatible with: