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Agilebin Retrospective is the tool that helps you continuously improve the performance of your team. Their simple interface allows your team to easily reflect on their work and identify areas for improvement.

You can track progress, set goals, and keep everyone on the same page with Agilebin Retrospective. Bid farewell to ineffective team meetings and hello to a more productive and collaborative workplace. Try Agilebin Retrospective today and see how it can help your team thrive!

Getting Started

Agilebin Retrospective Board is extremely simple to use. There is no need for any setup or login. Begin right away!

Agilebin Core Features

  • Collaboration Board
  • Daily Reports
  • KPI Monitoring
  • Milestone Tracking
  • Prioritization
  • Progress Tracking
  • Release Planning
  • Roadmapping
  • Sprint planning
  • Task management

Scrum teams frequently use release planning, also known as PI planning. This planning is typically done for a specific time period (quarter) and/or number of sprints (five sprints). The work on the product backlog is organized into teams and assigned to specific sprints. Work is prioritized based on the target release (fix versions). Prior to this release planning, the available work had already been prioritized in the backlog.

Agilebin Fist of Five

Agilebin Fist of Five is a consensus-building online voting tool for agile and scrum teams. Remote teams are unable to vote by raising their hands. Online Fist of Five makes voting simple and provides the calculated results.

Agilebin Poker

Scrum teams use a poker game to point out stories. Agilebin Poker is a story-pointing online poker tool. Team members can play poker while working from home or at the office. Agilebin Poker storytelling sessions are enjoyable and simple.

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Agilebin Retrospective Board

Scrum Teams conduct online retrospective meetings using the Agilebin Retrospective Board. This is a straightforward three-column retro board. Members of the team add notes to their retro comments. The board displays live updates.

Final Words

Are you ready to reap the benefits of Agilebin’s tool suite? Begin for free today and discover how our powerful tools can help your team streamline their agile process and increase productivity. Sign up now for your free account!