Addappt for iOS

by May 6, 2016iPhone App Reviews0 comments

Among several discoveries of mobile applications in global market there are few which actually satisfies app users. In ongoing technology effort to breathe new life into your contacts list, Addappt for iOS has professionally rolled in new advantageous features focused at securing your details.

The passionate app users could now block any piece of details you like when sharing to other relevant key contacts. If app users had a home number and a Burner number for business, they could effectively mark home number as private to prevent pesky business associates from bothering you.

Addappt for iOS

The granular key details sharing are quality between Addapt users, but also work if app users instantly share your details via text or a vcard. This popular app of Addappt for iOS users could also block people on their contact list, which guarantee you and that person never connect via Addappt even if they aren’t using the reputed app, but do in the future.

This latest app finds complete satisfaction with app users. On iOS, the international app users could now choose a particular profile as their default. The familiar Addappt illustrates many of their international users had two or more profiles some had a profile with respective old addresses, for instance, and like to be able migrate between them as needed. Apart from the profile selection feature, the changes are now live for both familiar iOS and Android.

Addappt for iOS

With this app you could enjoy favorites that understand and remember you communicate specially with different people. Recents illustrate the last contacted and the last created, viewed or edited. You could also privately send quick group announcements, reminders, requests, with alert notifications to respective family, local sports clubs, church members, neighbors, classroom parents, activity camp parents, study abroad program and company etc. Eventually this popular Addappt is an always up-to-date address book that professionally updates instantly when friends change their contact details on their phone.