Abzorb for iOS

by Jul 22, 2016iPhone Game Reviews0 comments

Abzorb for iOS by Gerald Kelley is an arcade game that immensely involves a lot of absorption, tilting, and fast reflexes. It is trusted that the arcade game which could be enjoyed in short bursts throughout the day is one of the best for the platform.

These games are fast-paced, levels which would be usually short, and it’s challenging enough so that you don’t just breeze right through everything. These amazing games are the ones that users could enjoy on when they commute or while they wait in line at the store.

Abzorb for iOS

Abzorb for iOS features a simple and clean style that minimalists would love. The attractive colors all go together well, and the animations are smooth. The ambient soundtrack is quiet soothing and relaxing. Moreover this Abzorb is based on levels and has a total of 65 stages for you to tilt your way through. The key objective is pretty straightforward: fill your triangle’s surrounding circle with blue, which is absorbed from the blue circles that are flying around.

The absorption process begins when the blue is contained within your own circle, but be highly careful to not bump into them, as you’ll bounce away and have to actively recover. Once your triangle’s circle is filled with blue through its entirety, then users have successfully cleared the stage and could move on to the next.

Sometimes users need to encounter special orbs that can offer you bonuses or assist you out. There is also effective game center integration so users could climb the leader boards and impress your friends.

Abzorb for iOS

The global users would love the minimal graphics, the music and sounds which are fun, and the game play itself is pretty challenging. The intuitive and natural controls are quality enough which is easy to pick up. This is a perfect title that is best enjoyed in short bursts throughout the day. So if you’re in the mood for arcade game that tests your reflexes, then this game would satisfy all your needs.