A review of the Ozone play-iPhone app

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The Ozoneplay app is free to download from the ozoneplay website. It’s in the games category. It was last updated in 4th January 2017, has a small size of 42mb and uses English in all its games. It was developed by Ozoneplay limited.

It’s an application which allows the player to play games, compete in tournaments and other game modes and eventually win cash prizes.

A player has to register by logging in using his/her Facebook or google account into the ozoneplay website. It can be downloaded from that website and installed in the iPhone. Once installed the player can start playing for free as often as he/she likes. $5 is automatically deposited into the player’s account. This is for the player to give the cash competitions a try and later on win a lot of cash prizes.

There are many games that can be selected to be played. They include Candy quash, Basketball jam, Xriss Xross, Color swap, Jelly box jump, Bubble Have and desert dash. Games are also added every week. When the player feels ready and confident enough to compete, they can select ‘win cash’ option on the screen. Then select the kind of game the wish to compete with other friends. All the cash the player wins is deposited in his/her ozoneplay account.

Players can set their own competition and invite friends to compete in the tournament. The entry fee for the tournament is $0.25 while the prizes to be won may be above $1000.The tournament usually has many players and many winners. Another option for the player is to play with friends in the multi-player mode, entry fee ranges from $0.5 to $3. As opposed to the tournament, in this mode, the winner takes all the cash. The player may also opt to play one on one mode; this is where the player is matched to play with anyone who is currently online. The entry fee is $1.

There is a leaderboard which shows all the players rank in terms of cash/points earned, here, there are many players and many winners too. If the player wins and would like to brag about it, he/she is able to share his/her result with friends on other social media apps such as Facebook, twitter, google, LinkedIn, skype and YouTube. The social media platforms also allow the player to view which new games have been added.

The player is also able to manage his/her account by seeing the sent invitations, received invitations, games results, all transactions in the competition and all the amounts he/she has won.

Pros of ozoneplay app include the ability to play all the games free, winning of cash prizes, entering cash competitions, addition of games every week, ability of players to host own competitions and no ads and pop-ups to disturb the players while competing.

Some of its cons are; the app is not recommended for people under the age of 17 years and involves infrequent gambling.

In conclusion, this is one of the few apps that allows players to conveniently enjoy the game while win cash prizes simultaneously. It’s definitely a must-have app in every iPhone if you always relish competitions.

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