A brain training game with head to heads and tournaments.

by Dec 25, 2019General0 comments

Brain training games are great and, I think, we could all benefit from using them for a short session each day. One thing a lot of them lack is a competitive aspect. How good is your memory versus other people, for example? With MoneyBall – available on iOS and Android – you don’t have to wonder any more, you can play and see!

The game focuses around one simple yet challenging game mode. The ultimate test in memory. Symbols, both familiar and less common, appear on the screen in sequence, then disappear. The goal is to remember the sequence and recreate it exactly in as little time as possible. Tournaments and head to head games pit your mind against other players, or you can play against the clock.

Your winnings come in the form of chips. Not casino chips you can cash out for real money, unfortunately, but they do act as ‘points’ which help you climb the leaderboard. The more chips you have, the higher you go and the more bragging rights you have! If you make any friends (or frienemies) on the way, you can chat to them using the in-app messaging feature.

While the game doesn’t have an overwhelming number of different game modes like some other brain training games, it’s a refreshing change. It’s a stripped back, no frills memory test that provides even the most agile minded people with a challenge. Whether you’re playing for a few minutes or an hour, this app is bound to strengthen your memory and keep your mind sharp.

Check out the app today on iOS and Google Play!