Earn passive income & learn new skills with Skills Co!

Earn passive income & learn new skills with Skills Co!

Most of us have a skill or a talent we could teach to others. Whether you’re a chef, a builder, you know how to code or you make artisan soaps, Skills Co makes it easy to monetize your knowledge & share it with others! With over 500 unique categories, there’s a place for everybody, no matter what your field of expertise is.

Creating a course is a great way to generate some passive income and supplement your day-to-day work. Once you’ve made a course it can generate income for a long time as more people enroll. For some, their income from online courses is higher than their full-time work! Signing up now will give you a chance to become a category leader. As it’s a growing platform, it’s less competitive than other skill marketplaces – but that won’t last long, with more users signing up every day.

For course creators, the pricing structure is fair. Unlike some other platforms, Skills Co charges a $10/month flat fee plus a processing fee. You’ll still keep around 90% of any profit you make, that’s a good deal in my opinion!

If you have a YouTube channel or you’re considering creating one, Skills Co can help to monetize your channel much more effectively than just relying on ad income. How-to videos are extremely popular but YouTube doesn’t provide the best user experience when it comes to learning new skills. By directing your viewers to your Skills Co course page, they’ll have an easy way to learn a new skill and every view becomes potential income!

For those looking to learn, whether you want to learn to play a musical instrument as a hobby or you’d like to pick up a new skill to help further your career (or even start a new one) then look no further. Thanks to the intuitive UI on the app and website, it’s easy to browse and search for the skill you want to learn. Downloading the app – available on iOS or online at www.skills-co.com – makes it easy to learn on the go, as the courses are split into individual video lessons. Courses only cost $10, $25, $50 or $100, making them more affordable than other learning platforms out there.

Whether you’re looking to learn or earn, Skills Co is a fantastic new platform set to improve the way we learn and teach new skills online.

Check out the website at www.skills-co.com or download the app on iOS today!

YAPA : Something curated to help you share your moods!

YAPA : Something curated to help you share your moods!

YAPA: First of its own kind app that helps people release their mental stress. Yes you got it right! This is definitely the first mental health focused social app. Developed without any way to comment , like or upload any photo on this social media platform! Surfaced to allow users form various countries use this one gives an endless opportunity to bring people across various culture and countries on one platform.

Are you also one of those, who like to express your mood and feelings but without any kind of interference by people? If this is so much about you then consider coming on board YAPA app! This is in itself the first kind of app that mentions about mental health focused social app.

Key Features of YAPA

  • No interference from others: This one is built while taking care that nobody could get in and comment on your yaps! This is diligently maintained to help people get a space for themselves that all they need for the moment.
  • Chat : Connect with people and with the closest of your friends on the go!
  • Status update: Look for the active new status check on the following contact’s photo. Get to know if your dear people are doing okay or are struggling with mood issues.
  • Country not a barrier: Available to be used through many countries brings people from many nations closer.
  • Search is possible: look for your interested people and follow them with the help of this search button.
  • Easy to use: Just select from the pre saved options of mood and hit the right ways arrow!
  • Hassle free: No need to be a caption pro, when the need is just to share the current mood, which is made possible by YAPA.
  • Settings: edit the [re saved profile options and get to have detailed information about the various licenses and terms and conditions from here.

Yaps: Easy ways to send one

YAPA revolves around sending a Yap. This is very common as sending a text or a message. The developers have called it an emotional expression tool. Which along with various colorful backgrounds make it more expressive all the way!

Helping to get in touch with the close friends or even the well-known celebrities Yaps could be sent and received very easily. This is even possible while using just a thumb to post it, even if there is no mood or time to type the whole detail!

Last words:

Send a yap when you are happy and even yap when you have any other mood. Keeping it simple and fun loving, every yap been sent is stress buster.  Many times we don’t find a shoulder to whom we can express our thoughts and emotions, this is what YAPA is trying to solve. This campaign is against the mental illness and hence this app could be rightly called the mental health social app. Never lose any moment as each Yap remains for 72 hours or 3 days!

Summary: A revolutionary social media app that supports mental health. No comment, no like or photo needed just a place to share how you feel!

  • Handling ease: 5
  • User Interface: 5
  • Security: 5
  • Usability: 4.5

Worth Having App – For IOSFor AndroidWebsite Link

Know when your friends are nearby with Yoke!

Know when your friends are nearby with Yoke!

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been in the same area as a friend and we’ve been so close to bumping into each other. It would’ve been great to grab a coffee but neither of us knew the other was around. That’s why Yoke – available to download on the App Store – is an exciting app.

Once you’ve invited your friends or imported them from Facebook and your phone contacts, Yoke will let you know when somebody is in the area. Whether it’s a family member you haven’t seen in a while, a friend from another city or a family member, you’ll be able to connect with them and arrange to hang out using the in-app messenger.

If you don’t want to be bothered by anybody you can adjust the settings so you don’t appear on anybody’s app, allowing you to go about your business undisturbed. If you are visible, Yoke never shares your exact location to keep an element of privacy and security. As much as I love the concept of Yoke for spontaneously hanging out with friends, it’s also a great tool for when you want to avoid people. Some days we just can’t deal with people – you know what I’m talking about!

So whether you’re using Yoke to hang with friends or avoid people, it’s a super useful app that’ll integrate seamlessly with your day to day life. Time to take the ‘chance’ out of chance meetings – download today on the App Store!

Create Your Home and Walk Through It In Realistic 3D With Live Home 3D Interior Design

Create Your Home and Walk Through It In Realistic 3D With Live Home 3D Interior Design

Are you planning to buy a new house? Wondering how your room would look like? Were you  thinking about how you can design your interiors so it would look better? Well, that’s a lot of planning right? This unique application named Live Home 3D Interior Design allows you to design your room/home out of nothing in less than 10 minutes.

The app has floor plan tools, real-time 3D environment, 3D models and materials, roofs and dormers, and a lot more. Using this app one can enter room dimensions, design the floor pattern, add the desired wall color and begin weaving their dreams into reality. With this app, all you have to do is to select the object you require, just tap in the place where you need it and then position the object precisely just by holding and dragging it with your finger.

Designed by Belight Software, ltd, Live Home 3D is affordable and is ultimately user-friendly. It lets you know how the tools work as you make use of them. The app allows you to import objects like furniture, plants and windows from the Trimble 3D Warehouse. The app has many features like roof assistant with 12 roof templates, customizable roof options to add segments and 16 dormer templates. The app also facilitates exporting your draft of the designs and send it to yourself or others in JPEG, TIFF, PNG or BMP formats.

Live Home 3D Interior Design app belongs to the productivity category and is compatible with iOS 11.0 or later versions. The company’s website is so easy to navigate and has a lot of information that is essential for the users. The FAQ’s has a lot of answers to the common queries that might arise with the users.

The app has many pro features like unlimited floor levels, elevation view, custom shaped roofs, polygonal-based block tool for drawing balconies, porches, and more, FOV (field of view) and parallel camera projection, light editor and a lot more that can be utilized via an in-app purchase.

With this app you can create your home interiors with a few quick and easy steps and walk into your dream house in 3D with augmented reality (AR). Live Home 3D is one of the best home design softwares available that lets you to design houses of any complexity with ease. The app is definitely a boon to novice home designers and I would recommend it to all my friends and family who are planning to construct a new house.

Worth Having App – Download the AppWeb Link

Relax Your Way All Through This Busy Life With SOS Method: Meditation

Relax Your Way All Through This Busy Life With SOS Method: Meditation

In this busy world, everyone of us face a lot of problems in our daily life. Be it our home or work place, we come across numerous  situations that put our patience to test. We definitely need something to boost our body and mind and get back in peace in just a few minutes. One unique app released by SOS Method Inc, helps people come out of this stressful life, maintain a work-life balance and cope up with stress and anxiety.

Meditation can always help save your mental and physical health. The SOS Method: Meditation app works anytime, anywhere providing instant access to an inspired mind, physical and emotional wellbeing. With the team’s neatly crafted meditation, life tools and programs in the app, all you will need is just 5 minutes, to become happier, healthier, more productive and mindful. The app allows me to handle all the life problems and help me lead a smooth life. The app is definitely something that I would recommend for all of my friends.

Stress Relief and Inspiration, Relax and Deep Sleep, Soothing and Therapeutic, Whisper Collection, Revitalize during Activity, Words have Power, Emergency SOS; Calming anxiety, Forgiveness and Love are the various meditation methods available in the app. The app aids you to soothe and revitalize your busy mind, minimize stress, depression and anxiety, have a better focus, creativity and sleep.

The app has four tabs namely: Home, Meditation, Tools and Profile. Using the profile option in the app, you can create your own profile, earn badges, invite friends and do a lot more. The app even has tools to handle your rough day, make space for love and turn your dreams into reality. As you select on a particular tool, you can play that particular video that runs for a few minutes and can see yourself feeling relaxed with in a short period of time. The meditation portion of the app is where you find various videos of different lengths that help you relax. The Home tab displays all your latest activities on using SOS Method : Meditation.

Belonging to the Health and Fitness category in the Play Store, the app is suitable for everyone  above 3 years of age. When you want to give yourself a deep breath or find a way to relax your mind SOS Method : Meditation can always come in handy.

 Worth Having App – Download for IOSFor AndroidWebsite Link

Sell unwanted gift cards & treat your friends with DapIt!

Sell unwanted gift cards & treat your friends with DapIt!

Gift cards can be a tricky gift to give (and receive). Maybe the gift card is for a store you never use, or you’d rather just have the money to spend on whatever you want. DapIt is here to change the way we think about – and use – gift cards. It’s available to download now on Google Play and iOS.

Primarily serving as a virtual wallet for your gift cards – so your actual wallet doesn’t need to be super bulky – it also features a gift card exchange where you can sell unwanted gift cards for cash. Small fees and reasonable processing times make this app a viable way to turn useless gift cards into money. Money you can spend anywhere. Anywhere!

It’s not just for getting rid of gift cards, though. DapIt takes the hassle out of buying them for yourself, friends, family & loved ones. Hit the browse button to take a look at the local businesses on the platform. You’ll find a variety of businesses, from shoe shops to taco shacks. Buying a gift card takes seconds and you can send it to any of your friends via text or email.

Not sure what gift card to buy? We won’t call you a bad friend, don’t worry. DapIt lets you receive a notification when a friend checks in to a supported business. From there you can give them a surprise gift card instantly redeemable at that place. Don’t let anybody tell you that you aren’t spontaneous!

DapIt is a powerful marketing tool for local merchants looking to grow their business. Gift cards are one of the most effective ways to increase customer loyalty and this app lets businesses use & process electronic branded gift cards in a way that’s so simple, there’s no reason not to be using it.

Whether you need a convenient place to hoard & manage your gift cards, you want to surprise a friend or trade in a never-used card for cash, DapIt makes things easy. Download the app now on Google Play and iOS or visit www.DapItApp.com for more information.