Today, finding ways to save time and increase efficiency in an organisation is just like finding money on the ground. Everyone finds a shortcut to do work these days. Especially if you work in human resources, as a busy HR employee, you already know the importance of keeping employee records and personnel files. Keeping paper files can be an administrative nightmare and puts a lot of pressure on the employees. So when you’re living in this 21st century, then why do you feel so stressful? Go digital with this new partner called ‘HR Partner’.

HR partner is an easy to use cloud software to keep your HR all in one place. The software is currently available on the web and offers a 14-day free trial to use it. It’s a simple HR software for busy HR professionals and employees. It’s an easy to use software, I really mean it when I say this!

HR Partner helps you save time with employee onboarding, performance reviews, leave and absence management, reports, timesheets, grievances, and much more. You can even store company documents and procedures in seconds. Now eliminate HR bottlenecks so that you can keep everything all in one place and focus on what you have to do for empowering your people.

Firstly, it’s easy for you and your employees to use this software on any device. So whether you are generating easy HR reports, setting up a reminder or sending out company wide announcements, HR partner will help you avoid costly and time-consuming pains like unnecessary spreadsheets, paper files and missed deadlines.

It’s never been easier to offer employee self-service. But with HR partner, your employees can easily edit their profiles from any device and access important documents like company handbooks and manuals. You can store countless things like name, job title, department, salary, start date, birthday, address and much more in the cloud very safely. There are regular backups to ensure your data is never lost.

If you want to give other managers access to their employee’s digital personnel files, then you can invite them and easily control what they can see and can’t see. You can easily access employee records on your mobile phone and any other device.

If you have any urgent news to share with your entire company or with a particular department. You can send the information via email or text message within a few minutes. Just want to track company’s assets? No problem guys!When an employee rents something or any other company asset, you can record a note in HR Partner and set a reminder so that you know when it’s achieved.

Remember, your goal is to always keep your employees happy. So HR partner lets you remember the things that really matter, including birthdays, performance reviews and other important dates. If you want to make your like easier than before and want to streamline your company’s HR bottlenecks, start saving the records digitally.
So if you’re looking for a way to handle employee record management in the cloud by saving time, HR Partner is the best solution. Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets, Paper files and Lost data! Try it now!

You can request a demo on its webpage and start exploring it!

Pros: 100% online & in the cloud; safe and secure; regular backups; saves time; avoid costly mistakes; management and employee-friendly; support in multiple time zones; free.

Cons: none.

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Clockodo – WebApp Review

Clockodo – WebApp Review

Time is the most valuable natural resource every business, it employees and indeed everyone has been granted. It is also the most easily depleted because once spent, it cannot be reused or replenished. Time management is therefore an important function for every business and everyone who intends to make meaningful strides in their life. It is for this purpose that Clockodo was developed. Clockodo is a time management app developed specifically to address the time management needs of small business enterprises (SME’s) and those of freelancers. Developed to be quick, simple and reliable, Clockodo is an effective replacement for the traditional time management software such as Microsoft excel and other traditional methods such as time stamp clocks.

Clockodo is a really easy to use app and anyone can learn to use it on their own without any need for further training. It has an interactive interface that directs the user on where and how to enter data. The application can be used on a computer web browser, a downloaded computer application or a smartphone application. This makes it both easy to access and easy to use.

Being online based, users have access to the application and can log in from any place of their choice. Company employees can log in from the office, from home or from virtually anywhere where they have access to the internet. For this reason accurate data can be entered at any time from any place, making it easier to track the progress and the dynamics of a project. One can see just how much time has been spent on a project, any interruptions incurred and just how much time those interruptions took. Employees vacation time and their working hours can be easily analyzed with the app. This makes it effective for planning and budgeting, enabling the management to accurately determine just how long a project may take and the resources required to see it through.

Clockodo has diverse uses and is not only a time management application. work reports can be entered on the application for easy access and analysis. This eases the management’s work and allows them to carry out management functions seamlessly, without having to micromanage employees.

Data entered on the application is absolutely secure as it is duplicated in several servers which act as back ups in case of a breakdown. This means that individuals and companies can access their data at any time even when their systems have broken down. The application offers a 99.9% guarantee that owners will always have access to their data.

Clockodo is not a free application and users have to pay a monthly fee to use it beyond the one month free trial period. It charges $8 for the first user per month and $5 for additional users. For SME’s with multiple employees, this sum may add up to quite a bit.

While Clockodo is pitched as a multilingual application, it is currently only available in two languages; English and German. This may present a challenge for non-German or English speakers around the world.

For the freelancer who works from home, and for the small business which must manage its time in the best way that it can, either to break even or to stay afloat in a rough environment, Clockodo is a necessary tool. Its benefits far outweigh its disadvantages as it ensures efficiency and will ensure personal, professional and business growth.

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Spending so many hours on collecting data manually from the websites you need, is very cumbersome and time consuming. If you’re a reseller of goods and your supplier doesn’t provide your data in a suitable format, then you have to manually retrieve the data from their website. But, every time you copy a particular data and then paste it and repeating this all the time until you get the data that you want is a waste of time.

Today there are shortcuts to everything, so why not for this task? I have a brilliant offer for you! Diggernaut, is a cloud based service for web scraping, data extraction and other ETL tasks. With this software, you can speed up the data collection process a thousand times and save your time to do other important tasks.

Basically, diggernaut turns unorganized website content into well structured datasets. There are tiny robots or you can call digger which can do web scraping on your behalf and get data from the websites you need. Just leave your work to diggernaut and get your job done. Once it is done, you can download it in various formats such as CSV, XLS, JSON, etc. You can extract text from the images also, with the help of an OCR module which you can use with your digger. Remember, it can be only used for diggers that are running in the cloud.

It’s not mandatory for you to have programming skills, you can use Visual Extractor tool to build configuration for your digger. It’s just a simple point and click application where you select the data and set the structure of your desired output.

If you find any problem regarding this, then there are video tutorials to explain you about its functioning.

When you’re busy and don’t want to spend any time on scraping data; at that time you can also hire a developer who will do all the work for you in any format you want. A digger can work with many pages or with multiple websites. It can jump from one page to another page and even to another website and grab all the data you need with having the same structure.


Diggernaut can extract different types of events happening in different locations of the world,product prices and other related information, reviews and ratings from retailer sites, news and headlines from different agencies, statistical data from different sources, different government data and reports (police, sheriff, fire Depts.) and mostly anything on the web.
The backend used for diggers is Golang, a compiled programming language. This application is currently available in its beta version. There is a free plan which you can use as long as you want, which is far better than a free trial!

So guys, time is very precious! Save every second of it!

Try diggernaut today. It’s available for free on the web.

Pros: time saving; no programming skills required; data extraction made easy; convert unorganised data into organised; extract almost anything on the web; free.

Cons: none.

I will give this app 4.3 out of 5 stars.



If you are a journalist or a website owner, you need to gather information by searching from different sources and then process, organize, analyze and use it in your work. The time taken to do this task is bigger as every year information becomes larger and larger. You can’t collect data by doing a copy and paste from the websites you need as it’s very complicated and time consuming.

What you will do now? Do you have any software or any other option by which you can do this work fast and easily? I am sure, you don’t have! But now, you have the opportunity to automate this long process through Web Scraping and it is done by a software called “Diggernaut, available in its Beta version currently. It is an amazing tool which will not only speed up the data collection but also saves a lot of time to do other important tasks. Want to know what Diggernaut does exactly for you? Let me tell you! It can do data Extraction, Scraping and Collection in such an easy way. Isn’t it cool?

The Diggernaut is a cloud based service which turns unorganised web content into well structured data sets. Suppose, you want to copy the information from a suppliers site, traditionally you will copy the content line by line and save the data. But with Diggernaut, you can do it within a couple of seconds with the help of a digger, a tiny robot that can do web scraping on your behalf and extract data from websites for you, normalize it in a suitable format and save it to the cloud. Just leave it up to them to get your work done.

Once it’s done, you can download it in CSV, XLS, JSON format or even retrieve it using the API. You can use one digger for multiple sites or pages to collect data having the same structure.

Diggernaut can extract almost everything on the web, some of them are:

  • Web scraping in journalism.
  • Product prices and other related information from retailer sites.
  • Statistical data from different sources.
  • Analytical data representing election status and reports and even obtain court related documents.
  • Different types of events happening in different parts of the world.

You don’t need to be an expert in programming, you can use its Visual Extractor Tool to build configuration for your digger. It’s a simple point and click application where you select the data you want to extract and set its output structure. It has OCR functionality too, which allows you to extract text from images. There are video tutorials explaining how to use it on its sandbox website.

If you don’t want to spend any time on diggernaut, just leave the work to its developer, who will do all the work and you have to simply receive the data in the requested format.

So, when you are living in this Modern Information environment, then why do you waste your time on doing the work manually? Just try Diggernaut and make your work easy!

Diggernaut offers a Free plan which you can use as long as you like which is much better than the free trial due to its better functionality. Give it a try now!

PROS: data collection, scraping and extraction made easy; saves time; turns web content into data sets; helpful in almost every organisation; free.

CONS: none.

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EmployeeConnect WebApp Review

EmployeeConnect WebApp Review

Getting a viable and effective human resource system can be of great importance to a company. It not only acts as a great trademark but also facilitate efficient running of different human resource functions. In recent years, a lot of automation in different human resource function has taken place. However, there are still some companies which have not yet adopted such systems. This actually makes most of the tasks performed quite time consuming and costly.

With a good HR software, a company can be able to keep and track different information about its employees; this may be in relation to their salaries, accomplishments, work history, unique abilities and experience. Interestingly, with EmployeeConnect webapp, users can now apply amazing and high quality tools to completely transform the entire human resource department. Actually, the experience will be super classical.

The Purpose of EmployeeConnect webapp

This incredible app has been designed in a unique way to proper an efficient interconnection between the employer and employees in a company. Besides, this Human Resource Information System (HRIS) contain simple and efficient tools that can steer the business into achieving different HR goals and objectives. This also includes future financial projections and profit analysis with regard to the investment.

The Compatible Devices for the EmployeeConnect

For this webapp to function efficiently, the user will be required to possess a great operating platform or a mobile device. Actually, the developer of this webapp has partnered with Microsoft which has provided the Microsoft Azure platform for the app to operate. Besides, devices such as iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch can work well this webapp. Another interesting thing with EmployeeConnect is that the business can choose either the online HR processes or the cloud platform in conducting different operations.

Here are distinct components that make up the EmployeeConnect :

Compliance Policy for Human Resource

This is one of the crucial components that has been integrated in the HRIS in this webapp to ensure that the policies and rules set are enforced as required. This will ensure that the business has smooth work flow in human resource operations which will be based on integrity, transparency and good practices. Other components that may be included in the compliance policy are financial records and other normal operation details.

Design customized Human Resource Processes and Codes

In order to ensure that the business or the company have an easy time while using HRIS, EmployeeConnect webapp has ensured that the system has an interface that is user-friendly, convenient and easy to configure. Additionally, this system allows the business to use the provided tools to design and develop different processes in line with the business’ objectives and ability. Some of the components that may be created include reports, menus, workflow processes among others. Surprisingly, this entire process can be done in an easy and effective manner.

Apply Human Resource Intelligence to keep track of information

One essential thing that a company can do is to have a proper record of information relating to different operations and employees. With HRIS provided by the EmployeeConnect webapp, the company can create different reports, policies and rules. This can greatly assist in undertaking different roles, boosting the security of data, facilitating efficient workflow and a good channel for feedback. Meanwhile, the company will save much on cost and energy of performing such operations manually.

Connect with the entire system

Apparently, EmployeeConnect webapp has created a platform where the company can have consistent communication in relation to any arising issues. This webapp is also in the process of ensuring that the user’s preferences and unique needs are met in the best way possible. Major partners that the business can connect with include content providers and web service providers. Actually, they can greatly help in improving the overall value of the business. It is also critical to ensure that the financial statements, reports and payrolls are keenly monitored so as to record any changes noticed.

Why Choose EmployeeConnect webapp

This is an amazing webapp that offers any business absolute solution when it comes to human resource functions. Actually, it has integrated strong analytics containing real-time data, a secure cloud storage and innovative HR tools for the business to apply. Besides, the ability of EmployeeConnect webapp to be available in many languages has made it to have a global experience. This clearly proves how worthy it is compared to other vendors!

Here are the Pros and Cons identified in EmployeeConnect webapp:


· High accuracy levels achieved

· The performance is great and efficient

· It saves greatly on time and really flexible

· Has reduced paper work especially for filling forms

· A high level of service that is absolutely secure


· Some reports may be a bit hard to understand

· Mild in performance at times (requires stable internet)


Clearly, EmployeeConnect webapp has proven to be the absolute choice when it comes to performing human resource functions in an efficient manner. It has integrated essential tools that a company can apply to completely transform the entire structure of the human resource. From the reviews of honest users, it is clear that the level of service offered by this great webapp is overwhelmingly satisfactory. Thus, it is highly recommended to businesses that are ready to experience a client-oriented and flexible system. Why wait? Get it today and enjoy great benefits awaiting!

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PinMeTo for Web

PinMeTo for Web

In latest development the popular Sweden-based PinMeTo successfully launched location marketing platform with nifty new feature.  PinMeTo for Web immensely focus to make it infinitely simpler for major brands to maintain a local presence on familiar Facebook by somewhat automating the creation and updating of multiple local Facebook pages.

The PinMeTo for Web app does so through what is primarily a templating system that allows you create a single message with local, custom content and post it to some or all of your local pages on Facebook.

PinMeTo for Web

They are virtually trying to solve the complexity of digital local presence for national or global multi location businesses being respectively as fitness chains, retailers, banks, fast food chains or hotels where the common denominator is multi locations and multi platform presence.

Moreover the popular PinMeTo’s own studies have also revealed that content published locally generates up to 300 percent more views, and 75 percent more clicks, Likes and shares on Facebook than the same content published on the respective brand’s central page.

There was also a similar study from SocialBakers that actually claims to illustrate that local Facebook pages have between a 107 and 346 percent higher engagement rate than a brand’s generic page.

PinMeTo for Web

The problem almost lies with “acting local” when you’re a national or global brand is that it takes extra resources to maintain properly hundreds of local Facebook pages or a truly local presence across any popular social media platform. It actually means not bothering at all and in turn that means leaving money on the table. The thinking behind PinMeTo’s solution and their future product pipeline is to make the process scale.

So eventually by using popular PinMeTo brands which could now publish posts comprising dynamic localized fields to all of their international locations so that each post would contain locally respective details namely as address or phone number.