Get CasinoLife Poker game in your mobile

Get CasinoLife Poker game in your mobile

Hello everyone! I am playing “CasinoLife Poker” game on my mobile so I thought to share my experience with you all regarding the same. First of all, I would like to say thanks to developer team of Kaneva for making this concept. The game is all about the gambling approach and if you love to visit casino then you are choosing a right option here as this game is providing real fun in the same.

Here I want to clear one thing that the game is only providing fun without involving real money. If you are seeking such type of mobile app then it is may not be your cup of coffee.

First of all, I introduce you all about features

  • 3D Avatar: The graphics of this game are in 3D form
  • Free Chips: You will get free chips at every 4 hours
  • Lavish Tournament: The tournament lobby is all about luxurious look
  • Friend Invite: You can invite your friends to join this game in making more and more fun
  • Quick Play: You will experience quick-playing strategy in this game.
  • Shiny Colour: The colours are rich and suitable to the game.
  • Good use-interaction: The user-interaction in this game is nice.
  • Easy to play: Once you download and start playing, you will know all the things as it is easy to understand.

The playing strategies:

The playing strategies of this game are all about simple approach. First of all, you need to download and install the game. When you start playing, you will have a choice of selecting one character. You can choose either male or female. After that move further and play the game with other characters to earn points. There will be different levels and you need to pass each level.

Cost of game:

This app is totally free but for additional content, there will be a requirement of $0.99 to $99.99.

Regarding its availability, it is available at Google Play Store and Apple Store both. In my experience, the game is providing all good things about the fun. There is nothing like complaints in this game.

Over all conclusions:

In last words of my review, I would say this much only that you can experience good feelings while playing CasinoLife Poker game. All you need your skills to get more and more virtual money. I recommend it and suggest playing it once. Thanks for reading my review.

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IceBreaker – Make your flow continue in dating

IceBreaker – Make your flow continue in dating

How do you define Date? Do you think it as dancing or drinking or you take it in a decent way? Well in my opinion date must be in decent approach but how you take the things in that manner. If you want to make the things easier then IceBreaker App can be a boon to you. It’s a normal dating app but it will help you in knowing your partner well instead of finding the man or woman for date. You don’t need to worry I will disclose all the things related to this app here.

Don’t have miss confusion IceBreaker is normal app

Although IceBreaker is dating app but it only helps you in knowing your partner well in a deep manner. There is nothing to do with the complex criteria. Mind it that it does not involve in finding any kind of date, neither it guarantees that you will fall in love with your partner. It only helps in knowing your partner well.

How will you discover your partner?

The process is quite simple and easy. When you install the app and download it completely and go on the date. You need to open the app and questions will appear on the screen. You can answer or ask those questions to your partner. In this way, you will be able to know each other and even some other facts will also come out.

Who can access this app?

Anybody can access this app regardless of age and gender. Furthermore, the app is useful for French people as it is available in English & French both.


It is available at Google App Store and Apple Store.

What’s interesting in this?

The interesting fact is that it contains questions and all are decent and sensible. When you ask or answer the same you will get to know more about your partner.

My own suggestion:

I suggest using this app. It will not harm you but make you enable to makes your things easy.

Furthermore tips for date:

  • Be on time
  • Relax and take help of this app
  • Don’t worry IceBreaker is with you

In my words, the IceBraker app is really helpful and makes the things easy. Anybody can use it to enjoy the good moments at the top level. Ask questions and also express your opinion to your partner. It is helpful in making a wonderful date. Just discover your partner.

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Kidgy – Parental Control App : Genuine Review

Kidgy – Parental Control App : Genuine Review

Kidgy is one of the finest parental control app available on iTunes. It will help you to monitor your child’s online activities remotely. The Internet has both positive and negative side. Thus, it’s necessary to take care of your child appropriately so that he never gets involved or attracted towards negative side and activities. Kidgy is designed and built to give you an amazing kid monitoring experience. With Kidgy, you will be able to track your child’s GPS location, online activities, call logs, text and most importantly you will be able to block adult websites. Also, this application will help you to schedule internet access, set tasks and watch them remotely from any location.

Features Of Kidgy

This kid monitoring application has a lot of excellent features that you can use and operate easily to monitor each and every activity of your child in this modern digital world. This app has everything that makes it best among all other monitoring applications available on iTunes. Some excellent eye-catching features of Kidgy are as follows

  • GPS Tracking
    This app has amazing feature to track the real-time location of your child’s phone. This feature will allow you to track your child and his phone location easily to ensure the safety.

  • Read Phonebook
    With this feature, you will be able to read and check all contacts on your child’s phone. It will help you to know your child’s friend circle as it necessary to prevent unwanted communication of your child with strangers or negative individuals. This app will allow you to access all the contacts stored on your child’s device including emails, contact numbers, and names. It will also help you to read messages, even the deleted ones.

  • Panic Button
    It’s one of the most excellent features that this application has. It’s basically an alarm button that will help your child to communicate with you in an emergency situation with just one touch. You will receive exact location of your kid with this feature.

However, the availability of these features varies with device models and brands.

How Does It Work?

It’s really easy to understand the working process of Kidgy. Just install Kidgy parental control app on your child’s iOS device and set up parents and child profile appropriately. Once done, you will be able to get all the details of your kid on the Kidgy application installed on your device.


  • Real-Time GPS Monitoring

  • Allows you to block adult websites.

  • You will be able to access phone book

  • It’s an easy to use app

  • It has very simple user-friendly Interface

  • Application is available with lots of free features


This application has everything that makes it an excellent child monitoring application. Kidgy has nothing to displease or disappoint you. However, if you want to access more of its features you will have to purchase its pro package. The pro package will cost you around $9.99. I will suggest buying its pro package only if you find yourself satisfied with its basic features.


Overall, this app has everything to impress you. The app will surely help you to monitor and guide your kid perfectly. Go and get this app and enjoy its excellent features today.

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“After” – iPhone App Review

“After” – iPhone App Review

The application “After” is so amusing that everyone can be attracted by this wonderful application. This application allows you to tell your last wishes to your friends and family members with no big worries. “After” application helps the left ones to live their life happily by transferring them your last wishes.

After provides a simple interface which transfers your last wishes, shared memories, and even regrets with love ones. Different age’s people are using this wonderful application and it is becoming more and more popular application all over
the world. This application is so amazing. It provides a simple user friendly interface and everyone can easily use it.
Using this application you can create your last wishes and change them when ever you want. With “After” a digital time capsule can also be created by saving photos, videos and texts.
There are 4 categories in After to share and record which are:
Personal messages
Funeral wishes
Things to be arranged.
Your information is completely secure with After and only transferred to the other person when it will be the right specified time. You just make sure that your last wish is transferred to those who are more important and close to you.
Benefits of After:
It is the number one last wish application in the market.
You can easily send your personal messages, videos, and photos to others.
It provides the most important information to the relatives such as insurances and pension funds.
You can easily share your feelings and insights with your friends and family members.
You can also leave your last wish for the arrangement of the funeral.
It is a completely secure application.
People of every age can use it easily.
How it works:
Step No.1: First of all download the application and set up your account.
Step No.2: In second step select the person you want to send you last wish.
Step No.3: In this step you should fill all your last wishes with photos, videos or texts.
Step No.4: Share your last wishes or Insights with others at the specified time.

The “After” application is so awesome because it can give you freshness when you feel bored and when you feel lonely. It also helps you to make happy when you share your last wishes with love ones.

People of all ages can use this application and can show their love and importance to their friends and family members. If you want to change your last wish or any message for your relatives, you can also do it without any big deal.

You can also send your last message or wish using photos or videos. People of all ages can easily use it because it is very user friendly application.

This application is becoming more and more popular and currently it is the best and number one last will application in the market. your last wish is transferred to your friends or relatives at the specified time. you just need to select the right person whom you want to send your feelings or wishes. Your all data is completely secure with the “After” application, you do not need to worry about your important data.

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VeeR 360 Editor App is Awe-inspiring

VeeR 360 Editor App is Awe-inspiring

This application is a video editor. More than that, the VeeR VR Editor – 360 Video app is specific to 360 degree videos. This app has wonderful capabilities, and is breaking through the barriers of phone video editing.

Video Type

This app edits 360 videos only. Attempting to use any other video type will not work, as this editor is VR specific. The ratio associated to the video/picture format is 2:1.


There is a trimming feature which allows video clipping. This is a great editing tool, and is a must have for any video editor. Unfortunately, there are no clipping capabilities for sound; thus, a separate sound editor will be required to match video to sound in synchronous fashion. For example, if the video is 30 seconds, and the sound clip is 45 seconds; then, the resulting edit will cut the last 15 seconds off of the sound clip.


The VeeR VR Editor – 360 Video app has another necessary tool at its disposal. The user can select orientation, and choose how to set up the scene. There is the ability to change scale and rotation.

Orientation can be applied to the video, stickers, emoji, and text. This is truly a way to personalize a 360 video.


Overlay filters can be applied to the video. The drawback is that the filter overlay will be applied to the entire video, as a whole. There is no way to place overlays by clip. With that being stated, it is nice to be able to change the atmospheric tone, as desired.


There are various speed selectors available. The video can be increased, or decreased in speed.


There is the ability to add sound to the video. Optionally, the user can select mute to eliminate the sound existing from original video creation. The ability to add sound is a very nice tool to have in a video editor’s arsenal.


This app allows the user to add stickers into the virtual reality environment. For example, a watermark appears on the ‘floor’ area of the video. By adding a sticker, or emoji to the watermark, the video is now more personal in feel.

There are different animations to the various stickers and emoji. I really liked this aspect of the app. With the animations, the video can be made to ‘pop’ off of the screen, as it were.


This app gives users the chance to add in their own text. Orientation and color are the attributes that can be changed, according to each text placed within the scene. With no widely available font styles, however, the choice is a bit limited on text selection.

Multiple Videos

One of the first things, a user will notice upon startup, is that there is the ability to add multiple videos together. I consider this to be a must have tool when editing videos, and VeeR VR Editor – 360 Video app does not disappoint.

Overall, I believe this app is well on its way to setting a new standard in small device video editing. This is not meant to be a professional editor, as in making a movie. It does, however, bring the ability of 360 degree video editing into the palm of your hands. With the key features readily available, I can see a lot of potential to come from this powerful video editor tool. I recommend the VeeR VR Editor – 360 Video app to anyone who enjoys making videos.

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Journto Travel Journal – The Modern One !

Journto Travel Journal – The Modern One !

The Journo travel app is an innovative way to journal your holidays. You can collect all of your holiday memories and organise them in one place. It is almost like the physical holiday journals people make. Except here, instead of the plastic sleeves to store your plane tickets and business cards, you can publish photos and videos, as well as sharing with online friends. This is the modern day journal. It is aesthetically pleasing and also suitably personal.
I highly enjoyed using the Journo app. There is something about having your favourite holiday photos organised neatly and on display that is satisfying. The app lets make you make a “journo” for each holiday or theme of your choice. You give it a title, a colour and a cover photo. Within that you make as many entries as you like. Entries have a variety of options including photos, videos, text and even drawings. The app also has a map option where it tracks the location of the photos taken. I liked the fact that you had an option to make the journos either public or private. So I could have my personal private folders of photos I wouldn’t necessarily share on social media, and then the folders which I would share to friends and online viewers.
Like most social media, you have a public profile. It displays your name, your photo and a quick bio if you want. You can have a friends list and follow other people’s journos. I like the way that the app doubles as a social media app and also a personal one. It’s a great way to discover new ideas, photos and places while keeping the value of memories and life events. After all, technology now has made it very easy to track your memories and moments. iPhone even automatically organises your photos into memories based on locations. But the difference is in the ability to share those memories publicly and for them to also be easily accessible and pleasing to the eye.
The app is quite easy to use. You don’t have to be tech savvy to figure it out, and the app also provides guidance along the way on how to use it. I used my Facebook account to login, but other than the option to invite friends I did not see any other options to link with my social media. I was expecting a “share to Facebook” or “share to Instagram link” which I feel would motivate more people, including me, to continue using the app.
The basic app is free and offers quite a lot. You can choose to subscribe to Journo to gain full access to the app, as well as exclusives and paid enhancements. The price for subscription seemed a lot to me and is not something I would pay for. To me, the app has everything it needs to document and organise my travel memories.
All in all, I think it is an app I would continue to use. I found it fun and easy to use. I didn’t come across any annoying advertising or glitches which made it all the more enjoyable. It’s an app for people who have a passion for travel and love to look at and share their memories.
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