Smart Search & Web Browser – Review

Smart Search & Web Browser – Review

Smart Search & Web browser  is a super fast search engine app available for IOS and also android.Its a convenient way of gathering search results on various search engines and also help find your favorite videos, images and music as its incorporated various services and search engines to surf the net. Its also has various functions which cant be found on other browsers.


The application has a rapid launch which makes easy to launch and use in browsing the web and this gives it an advantage over other browser. Its search box compared to any other as it comprises of various services like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Translate, YouTube, Twitter and eBay which enables user to switch quickly in between them. It’s also has a various themes to beautify your search when using.


User Interface

Smart Search features an extremely user-friendly interface that is appropriate for both Android and iOS users. The Smart search app size is not more than 22 MB which enable its loads faster than other browsers in its category. Its small size makes it suitable for instant search instead of launching a web browser.

The application is also available on other apple devices such as iPads and iPod touch . It has four different languages, including English, Russian, Turkish and German, to enable various user across the globe select the language of their choice in order to have a pleasant experience why using the app.

User Experience

Loads of iOS users have rated this app an average of 4.6 stars, and has been downloaded and being used by over 2 million users There are lots of positive reviews from users, saying the app is a better option to the manual offline search on iPhones.

Those who have installed the app has said that the Smart search engine offers wonderful and up-to-date results on their device. Smart Search comprises of good interface that allow easy customization to meet their needs said by majority of users. Unlike most apps it has little or no ads at all.




Rocket VPN – Review

Rocket VPN – Review

The VPN apps for Android are beneficial to protect our online identity as well as permit us to use all the services which were banned at our locations and much more. Thus it is vital to procure a quality VPN app for your smartphone. Though there are number of VPN apps available in market, but appreciation to Rocket VPN for Android which is one of the easiest to use VPN app.

If global users wish to access the blocked content on the sites, then you require having a VPN which is the Virtual Private Network. It does offer the user with a virtual version of IP address to the private network. Using VPN service will certainly assist you in hiding the data as well as the IP address.


This popular Rocket VPN app allows Android users to encrypt their private mobile data, unblock geographically restricted content, and surf fast anonymously. It could also qualitatively avoid being monitored by third parties for the utmost in speed, security and privacy.

The users could also stay anonymous and avoid being tracked, even on Wi-Fi networks that are not secured. They can also unblock games, blocked sites and more. You can also get 250 MB free data usage every 30 days to watch videos, stream music or surf securely. It is possible to upgrade to unlimited for covering all your devices with unlimited bandwidth usage and the fastest speed possible.

Salient Features of Rocket VPN

Access Blocked Sites and Apps The users can select from worldwide servers to access geographically restricted content no matter where you are.

Surf Securely

You could browse the internet right from Rocket VPN with the new Rocket Browser so global users are always protected.

Launch your Apps instantly

With Rocket Launcher the users can create shortcuts to open an app and viably connect to your preferred location right from Rocket VPN.

Secure your Connection

The users can protect their data with encryption to keep personal details safe. Protect your Identity It is possible to anonymize your connection and prevent third parties from tracking your identity and location.

Guard your Privacy

You can lock down your security to block third parties from spying on your web traffic.

Rocket VPN is available at economic price and provides lot of beneficial services. It does have simple user interface and offers daily protection over the Internet with fast secure communication. Eventually Rocket VPN does perfect job accurately without giving any troubleshooting or setting problem to the global users. WORTH HAVING APPLICATION:





Live football is one of the most popular applications that will allow you to watch your favorite team on your phone wherever you are. Thanks to this app, you can find all the fixtures, results and information about your favorite team that you need in a few simple steps. This application is free to download and it is also quite user-friendly. You will be able to see all the fixtures, tables and results that you want and you can also watch the goal videos from your phone. Live football application makes it possible for you to see the results, player stats, fixtures and tables from over 1000 football leagues in the world.


For starters, you should know that:

• Live football is free to use

• It is very fast in its work

• It will allow you to customize the sound for all notifications

• It will allow you to watch videos of goals

• It is very simple to use and it contains enormous database

The strength of this app lies in its extremely large database. This app will allow you to know everything about any football team. You will be able to see a team’s results and fixtures. More importantly, you will be able to see every player’s achievements, from how many goals he scored to how many times he was substituted. You can also take a look at the past fixtures and the games that you have missed. Simply put, you will have all the necessary information that you need about teams, players, and competitions at your disposal.


When it comes to football matches, you will be amazed how fast this application works. You will be able to watch the game statistics live without any interruptions. The amount of information processed for such short time is amazing. You will be able to see the statistics of all the players on the pitch. You will be able to keep track of goals, assists, yellow and red cards, corners, throw-ins, substitutes and all other information about the coaches, teams, and players that you need. Like we have mentioned before, you will be even able to watch the videos of goals on your phone. Live football is an application that provides unique football experience. It is free, fast, resourceful in information and easy to use.

Live football also includes paid version that contains no ads.

With this application by your side, you can watch Champions league and UEFA league matches statistics live, you can watch all the international football competitions and you can also keep track of all your favorite teams and players. You will be notified every time your favorite team scores a goal. You can even access live comments about all of these games. All it takes is one click and you will have all the information about football that you need. Live football database is always updated with fresh information so you will be always up to date with newest result, transfers, stats and team standings

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TSC Music, The New Way to Listen

TSC Music, The New Way to Listen

A new addition to the app store, the arrival of TSC music could be ground-breaking. An app created by Earlogic Corporation, it has taken the app market by storm, and is compatible for various different languages such as English, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish to name a few.

In a recent report by the World Health Organisation (WHO), over one billion young adults suffer from a risk of hearing loss, and for that reason Earlogic have created the free app to provide the optimal, and safest listening experience.


Extremely well researched technology has led to the creation of the TSC app. It creates a way to play your music but different than ever before. The designers have created a way to allow both the left and right ear to hear in perfect pitch. Due to the fact that each ear has a unique hearing based on equalisation and balance, this is a highly unique app that has never been attempted before. With the TSC app you never need to worry about your hearing becoming compromised, either in the near, or long time future.

The app records various sets of data, which allows the listener to see the decibel level with a interactive graphical chart. This will also show the best and worst levels for each particular ear. The app can also be integrated with Youtube and Soundcloud, allowing you to use the app with billions of videos and musical items from across the internet.

The highly educated and professional team at Earlogic Corporation led by Sam Kwak and Ji H. Won have included a number of features that will include advanced hearing testing, customized sound algorithms, hearing capacity enhancement, hearing loss prevention and hearing condition monitoring. In an age where more and more people live with earphones in their ears the majority of the day, this design is not only fun, it is also imperative for our health.


In a study by over 100,000 desktop users, the app was approved by the University of Stanford. This has given the app a sense of legitimacy in the technical world.

So how does the app work? Once the user has downloaded the application, the user is requested to perform a hearing test in a multitude of differing frequencies. The app will save the customised hearing data, which allows the perfect setting for equalisation, balance, bass and other musical tones. Frequency is perhaps the most important factor to be monitored, as when a person ages, they lose the ability to hear certain frequencies, a fact that can be dangerous. The app will also alert you to dangerous levels and optimum volumes for each ear.


· The ability to safely eliminate the risk of hearing and ear drum damage

· Ability to use with billions of musical items, due to its compatibility with various music platforms

· Tried and tested by an Ivy League University board.

· Smart, clear design


· Must have iOS 9.0 or later version

· Multiple adds appear on the app

· Not available on Android systems

· Not compatible with all music platforms

Final Verdict  

There can be no doubt of the apps usefulness. It is not only useful but will help millions, if not billions of people hear better and safer. While there are ways of improving the app, for example making it compatible with android devices, the creators have made a tech gem.

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Gaming is more interesting in someone life could it a kid, teen or even an older person. It makes someone to be stress-free, relax and enlarge your thinking capacity as a player. Players around the world are looking for new games which are more complicated than the one they do have. Hard games make the players be creative, innovative and active on how to beat the game. This need by the players has made Kaleidospace come up with a unique game called ROLLROLLROLL. This game application is scheduled to be released in the first quarter of this year 2017. This information found on their website has made players be more agitated waiting with zeal and anxiety to test the feeling of playing the game.

The uniqueness of the game include the following feature; age limit is not a factor, it has a unique playing method, seven unique stages, the incorporation of physics into the game makes it unique, it has updating option and finally difficult to reach other level but easy to learn.

• Age limit; a lot of games do consider kids and teens because they are one who plays the game more frequently but on this app any person can play, a kid, teen, middle aged person and older one can play the game. Such a quality of involving everybody makes it one of the apps highly waited in the world especially the European market.

• Playing method; rotation, matching the blocks and finally fitting and pulling the blocks is a unique method a game should be played. Most of the games do not involve blocks instead they use reality animation which it has become monotonous. Older age cannot play a game made of animation they see it as childish and they refrain from has the ability to zoom for a better view of the game.

• Stages of playing; it has seven stages of playing. Stage one is easy to play but difficult to reach to progress into other stages.

• Involvement of physics; players available in the market usually play a game which does not involve physics. Since this app has incorporated physics in makes it unique on its own.

• Updating; during updating of the game, other features do add themselves into the game which includes teleportation from one place to another, water, elevators and gimmicks. The new additional feature makes the game enjoyable.

• Learning the game. It is easier to learn the game but when progressing it gets harder as the level goes up. This property makes the player want to know how to beat the harder levels. Sticking to the game makes them addicted to it.

All the above features make the app different and highly waited for its release by the European market. Other features such attaching an icon and also attachment of a screenshot makes the game application great. We as the gaming people, spending most the time in gaming looks forward to having the game and enjoy the feeling

A review of the Ozone play-iPhone app

A review of the Ozone play-iPhone app

The Ozoneplay app is free to download from the ozoneplay website. It’s in the games category. It was last updated in 4th January 2017, has a small size of 42mb and uses English in all its games. It was developed by Ozoneplay limited.

It’s an application which allows the player to play games, compete in tournaments and other game modes and eventually win cash prizes.

A player has to register by logging in using his/her Facebook or google account into the ozoneplay website. It can be downloaded from that website and installed in the iPhone. Once installed the player can start playing for free as often as he/she likes. $5 is automatically deposited into the player’s account. This is for the player to give the cash competitions a try and later on win a lot of cash prizes.

There are many games that can be selected to be played. They include Candy quash, Basketball jam, Xriss Xross, Color swap, Jelly box jump, Bubble Have and desert dash. Games are also added every week. When the player feels ready and confident enough to compete, they can select ‘win cash’ option on the screen. Then select the kind of game the wish to compete with other friends. All the cash the player wins is deposited in his/her ozoneplay account.

Players can set their own competition and invite friends to compete in the tournament. The entry fee for the tournament is $0.25 while the prizes to be won may be above $1000.The tournament usually has many players and many winners. Another option for the player is to play with friends in the multi-player mode, entry fee ranges from $0.5 to $3. As opposed to the tournament, in this mode, the winner takes all the cash. The player may also opt to play one on one mode; this is where the player is matched to play with anyone who is currently online. The entry fee is $1.

There is a leaderboard which shows all the players rank in terms of cash/points earned, here, there are many players and many winners too. If the player wins and would like to brag about it, he/she is able to share his/her result with friends on other social media apps such as Facebook, twitter, google, LinkedIn, skype and YouTube. The social media platforms also allow the player to view which new games have been added.

The player is also able to manage his/her account by seeing the sent invitations, received invitations, games results, all transactions in the competition and all the amounts he/she has won.

Pros of ozoneplay app include the ability to play all the games free, winning of cash prizes, entering cash competitions, addition of games every week, ability of players to host own competitions and no ads and pop-ups to disturb the players while competing.

Some of its cons are; the app is not recommended for people under the age of 17 years and involves infrequent gambling.

In conclusion, this is one of the few apps that allows players to conveniently enjoy the game while win cash prizes simultaneously. It’s definitely a must-have app in every iPhone if you always relish competitions.

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