Pencil Photo Sketch is the best app to grab sketching effects

Pencil Photo Sketch is the best app to grab sketching effects

Adding sketch effects in the picture are really enjoyable. You might be used or be using sketch apps but here I am introducing you to one app name as Pencil Photo Sketch. It’s available on the Android platform. Other than this, it is also very much simple to use. It’s easy to add sketch effects within your image through this app.


Let’s come on the features of this app. Additionally being simple it is having 13 kinds of different effects. There is also an option to share the sketch image on social media. It’s a simple sketching photo editor. With this, you can easily share it on social media to let your image catch user attention.

Working Strategy:

The working strategy of this app is quite simple which I already mention above. Only, you need to choose the picture on which you want to apply the effect. After that apply the effect through which you want to make your image special one. There is also an option through which you can change your image in the sense to crop and rotating.

The app is offering the best way to grab sketch effect. I have no complaints regarding this app. It’s good in all sense. Moreover, it is a great way to increase likes and comments on your post.

I found some interesting functions which I never got in any other app earlier. For instant, there is a cartoon photo maker through which your image will completely look like cartoon. Besides that, it is also having wax color effect and crayon effect. There is an option to share on the social media. There is downloading option to download the sketched image.


Pencil Photo Sketch is a wonderful app that provides the best way to get sketch effects. I highly recommend this app to everyone those who love to add sketch effects into the picture.

Summary: Pencil Photo Sketch is one of the best apps for getting sketch effect. It is having cartoon effect, light sketch effect, color drawing & crayon effect etc.

  • User friendly: 3.5
  • Usability: 3
  • Accessibility: 4
  • Features: 3

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Sugar Daddy Dating App

Sugar Daddy Dating App

It is interesting to know that Sugar daddy dating has become a common feature these days. Moreover the expectations of both men and women have actually risen. Everyone wants their expensive wishes to be fulfilled without much of effort. More qualitatively this Sugar Daddy Dating App helps in many ways.

Recently young men wanted young and beautiful women for company and as partners and vice versa. But the whole trend has changed completely. Presently, older men who are very rich seek young and beautiful girls as their companion. Similarly, young men have also began dating older women.

The older men who seek to date the young girls are called sugar daddies while the young girls are called sugar babies.These men are well settled and are mostly businessmen, etc., who are millionaires. They wish for a young companion whom they can pamper. While Sugar babies are those young girls who have no problem dating with older men who are well settled. They actually aspire to enjoy which such older men can do without any hesitation.

Sugar daddies are men who are financially sound. They can be divorcees or widowers as well. They seek a companion for themselves.  They prefer young girls or even other professionals who are struggling to settle down in their career. If you are one of the sugar daddy who is actively searching for a young beautiful companion for yourself, then can be of great help to you, in finding one.

These sugar daddy dating apps are very simple to install in different gadgets, i-phones and the mobile phones. More qualitatively this Best sugar daddy app has changed drastically the lives of the people who wish to love and date online. This app actually aims to bring like-minded people together. By this way they could share their love, concerns for each other. They can date and make love comfortably without any hesitation. As time passes they can also plan for their courtship so that they can spend their life together.

Best sugar daddy app makes available to its users all the suitable profiles. All the possible opportunities for finding a best partner for oneself shall be offered. You can rekindle your love for each other and also enjoy online dating. Importantly the privacy of both the parties shall be protected. The personal details of the members shall not be divulged to anyone without prior permission.

On signing up, you shall be receiving tips and can also send messages to your adorable sugar babies or sugar daddies, in whose profile you are interested. Your search for a perfect partner shall seem positive and you might soon find a best partner too. Nowadays there is always constant search for best sugar daddy apps, sugar baby app, sugar daddy apps and sugar babies app.

The sugar daddy app ensures that only true profiles are uploaded. All the sugar babies who wish to find rich sugar daddies can find them through this app. Similarly, well-off, and settled sugar daddies can find their cute and young sugar babies. The key part is that all that is available in the app is totally free. One can find perfect partners for themselves using the various facilities in the app. There shall be no constraint in your effort to find your perfect partner. You shall enjoy a heartfelt and exciting romantic experience.


Bottled- Message in a Bottle App Verdict

Bottled- Message in a Bottle App Verdict

Bottled- Message in a Bottle App Verdict  Explore the newest concept of sending and receiving messages with the Bottled App. If you are looking for some great chatting app with some new and exciting friends from across the globe then you must download the Bottled – Message in a bottle App from the Google Playstore or Apple iTunes. The application is available for download on the world’s leading mobile operating platforms i.e. Android and iOS.

Meeting the strangers in the most secret way:  You remember the old tradition of sending messages in the bottle? Well, this is the newest means of sending a message via a bottle with the help of an online mobile application. To use the application after the installation, you simply need to get signed up with your email id and password.   So how does it work?  As an application user, you need to draft a message and when it is ready to send via a bottle, it will start floating to reach some random 50 members across the globe, which are using the same application. Along with the message you can also send pictures, videos or gif for making your message more entertaining and attractive.

The bottle will flash on the 50 random user’s mobile app for download. So you won’t have any idea about who is going to unwrap the message from the bottle. But it is for sure that there will be someone to reply to your message from any corner of the world.  Who replies to my bottled message and how?  The message will flash a fling in the random user’s mobile app. If any recipient will like the fling, he can open the message to reply and start a conversation with you. This can make you have new online chat app friends for sharing your feelings and experiences.

To keep a record of the sent and received bottled messages, there is a treasure chest given to each user on their dashboard. Also, there is a reputation ranking system for each user that helps you identify the person, whom you are talking to.   The safety of the users using the bottled app:  To maintain complete confidentiality of your identity, the bottled message only shows your username and profile picture. The confidential details such as the name, mobile number, address are not shared with any of the users unless you yourself share it with someone during the chat. Hence, you do not have to worry about your privacy and safety while sending or receiving a bottled message.

The application is recently launched and is amongst the top sellers at the Apple iTunes. The application is linked with the Chatroulette video chat service for providing an excellent chat experience.   The pros and cons of using the application: Bottled –Message in a bottle app  The benefits of using the application are you can talk to so many new people and learn about their culture and life experiences using the application. You can start exploring a whole new life from the same old routine. It brings excitement into our lives and we even get a secret friend for the lifetime. There are no cons of using the application so far. Yes, there are chances that someone sends an inappropriate content to you as a bottled message but to stop or report the same, there is a reputation system introduced by the app.

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Mortgage Calculator X

Mortgage Calculator X

While I feel as if I’ve gone through all of the latest mobile apps or at least the ones that truly matter, I can’t resist but still be on the lookout for new mobile apps and Mortgage Calculator X caught my eye over the weekend. I can’t assist but be extremely pulled to important features, after all.

This app of Mortgage Calculatorwholly enables you to work out every aspect of your home loan in simple and effective manner. This best application does everything for you, calculating your payments based on the cost of your home, your initial down payment, mortgage rate, and length of agreement.

Apart from other features this Home Mortgage Calculator also calculates property insurances, taxes, private mortgage insurance (PMI) and HOA fees for you, actually meaning you get an accurate figure of how much money you would pay each month as well as your remaining balance after each year. No more being taken in by attractive looking numbers only to be hit with hidden costs and extras later.

Besides other features this Mortgage Calculator has good tool for calculating payments for other types of financial agreement. The users can download this application now, and manage your mortgage, car loans, credit card payments, and educational loans using this amazing all in one financial management solution.

Important Features of Mortgage Calculator X

  • Easy to use mortgage calculator including property taxes, insurances and HOA fees
  • The users could have all-in-one loan calculator for managing other financial matters, including car loans, credit cards, and student loans
  • It is quite possible to save loans to your Favorites for a quick snapshot of all regular outgoings
  • Feature of Interactive sliders, large keypad for simple and accurate data entry
  • Availability of Animated graphs so you can watch your balance tumble

Despite the regular overload of mobile apps and high range of continuing apps from a certain genre level, I find Mortgage Calculator X to be quality app for all users.I can see this one as best app where users would be returning to for a while.




Social Fly – Get Real Fan Followers & Likes

Social Fly – Get Real Fan Followers & Likes

If you’ve followed closely about latest apps for a while, then people would know about this Social Fly – Get Real Fan Followers & Likes Android app which totally satisfies all types of users. People show their complete passion for new apps and this new Social Fly app would impress in many ways.

It is enumerated that Social Media are the most powerful marketing place these days. Among the others Instagram is the most trending and growing platform for new comers to achievefamiliarity in a short time span.

Nowadays everything depends on how many Instagram Followers you have or number of likes on your Instagram Post. Also it’s never been so simple to get real instagram followers and likes. This popular Social Fly app can show you the simplestway to get real instagram followers or instagram likes by sharing most trending hashtags.

This app doesn’t require any username or password. The users just have to use app to select tag’s category and copy the tag’s group which suits your media. The user utilize those tags on your post, the search visibility of your account and media would certainly increase so the followers and likes. The users just have to select the right hashtags for their media but it is made that simple for you.

You can just start using this app and your account would become familiar with the time as users are using the most trending hashtags. By using this users account would start getting real instagram followers. Finally the app developer of this app certainly did a persuasive job with features, that’s for sure.And because of the qualitative app concepts, everything istotally packed with ton of salient aspects for users.Social Fly app has become one of the solid successful releases so far.I think the developer did well with the apps overall important features.


BabyChakra Parenting Help: Pregnancy to Child Care

BabyChakra Parenting Help: Pregnancy to Child Care

I feel like I’ve tried every new appout there, I’m still always searching out for more, and BabyChakra Parenting Help: Pregnancy to Child Care is one that kept interested me when I saw it on the Play Store. After spending good time with it, I can say that it’s certainly beneficial app to unwind with.

By using this quality free BabyChakra Parenting & Advice app the international users could use questions about pregnancy, parenting, and childcare to make baby care simple. The Parenting experts are here to help in answering all your pregnancy and parenting questions by connecting them with doctors, pediatricians and other parenting experts. It is also noted that they also discover the best local childcare services, prenatal care, and more with BabyChakra.

Apart from other salient features the expecting mothers can track their baby’s growth using the new Baby Growth Tracker. It can able to track baby growth, baby size and more with baby tips from our parenting experts on the milestone’s that your baby would experience as they grow.

The users can get parenting advice and pregnancy help or track your baby’s development with the baby growth chart.

BabyChakra Parenting app is specially made for You & Your Baby in Mind

  • Pregnancy and parenting app is wholly personalized to you
  • They could discover quality reviews on maternity hospitals, prenatal lessons, OB-GYNs
  • They can find pediatricians, hospitals to playschools, centres for activities, party-planner reviews and more

Get valuable Parenting Tips & Advice from Our Community

  • Avail Parenting help which is always available via chat. It can able to follow other expecting or veteran mothers to get a second opinion on pregnancy and childcare.
  • Expecting parents could consult best parenting experts and doctors on all childcare, health, nutrition, wellness and education questions.

It is conveyed that the users can get their pregnancy, parenting, childcare Health &support in qualitative manner. They can also discover certified doctors and prepare for your first consultation.Maternity and parenting experts are always available via chat and they could answer any kind of urgent questions. The people can also utilize BabyChakra Support or Ask a Question to a Top Expert through this popular app.

The users can also get the parenting tips from best pediatricians, prenatal and birthing classes, lactation consultants, cord blood banks, midwives and doulas, nanny agencies, parenting classes and childcare playschools, maternity hospitals, diagnostic centers, OB-GYNs, and infertility specialists in your area.

With this best pregnancy app the users can also get articles to help in answering all questions. It could also experience pregnancy articles, maternity tips and baby care which help you in all manners. Additionally the parenting questions are answered quickly with professional expert articles on child development and daily parenting tips.

They are regarded as the best parenting app which has several activities like yoga and fitness classes for a healthy life. They could also find child-friendly activities within the BabyChakra community. The zeal users can also experience baby center book readings, summer camps, playschools, music and dance sessions, art and craft, activity classes, museum, libraries and more. It can also discover baby care shops, children’s clothing, children’s furniture and maternity clothing and baby products near you.

By availability of baby tracker it assists you to monitor baby size, weight and height directly through the parenting app.Moreover the Baby growth tracker allows you to track baby growth and development.They can also get helpful baby tips on upcoming milestones of your baby. The users can also get baby tips on baby, infant and child development to know what is coming next in your child’s life.In conclusion this reputed BabyChakra is the best parenting app for expecting parents.