Review of Towers TriPeaks Solitaire

Review of Towers TriPeaks Solitaire

Towers TriPeaks Solitaire also known as the Pyramid Solitaire is a classic adventurous solitaire game that is also free to play. It is an ultimate vintage style game featuring excellent HD graphics that will keep you hooked to the screen. The game is largely based on classic solitaire rather than puzzles. It has outstanding online features superb presentation and plenty of content. It also features thrilling sound effects that makes the game more entertaining. The game is even more entertaining since you can invite as many friends as you want.

Features of Towers TriPeaks Solitaire

· Towers TriPeaks Solitaire features high quality graphics that are simply incredible nad the tables are great looking. It is basically designed for larger screened tablets and phones.

· There are also many levels involved in the game which are all based around online tournament play. Furthermore, the tournaments are slow and methodical with each tournament lasting three days depending on the length of time that a player needs. However, the rewards are large ensuring one is not stuck playing one at a time. You can play multiple tournaments simultaneously.

· The thrilling sounds effects will capture your attention and retain it until the end of the game.

· One of the most outstanding aspects of the game is that it rewards your achievements in a great way. It gives big rewards unlike typical games for every big achievement you get.

· Furthermore the game is completely free and you can enoy playing as much as you want. Nonetheless, if you wish, you can purchase silver or gold packs to boost your experience.

· The game allows an all in one friend’s integration whereby you can connect to Facebook and compete with your friends. The fact that you can integrate friends via Facebook to play the game makes it challenging and entertaining. Even more entertaining is the fact that your friends can help you with live heart at any time of the day.

· One of the factors that I found entertaining about the game is the two player rule whereby you cannot play tournament alone. The two player rule promotes teamwork and engagement which makes the game entertaining. Your friends get your notification as soon as you want a challenge and help them with a live heart

· One of the tips I found most useful in playing the game is that you can boost your score using bonuses by simply taking the freeze bonus before you play for just 50 silver coins. Simply collect silver when playing and get the ability to freeze the timer.

· The game has many power ups and items that you can purchase with real money but they can also be earned in-game. Moreover, the in-app purchases are reasonably priced making them affordable to any person.


· It is a fast paced, entertaining and adventurous game

· It has high quality graphics

· You are rewarded with fun pries and entertaining challenges.

· It allows friend’s integration

· It is free to play


· Every tournament takes about three days, you

Towers TriPeaks Solitaire (Pyramid Solitaire) is without a doubt a high quality solitaire game with incredible graphics, plenty of content and numerous multiplayer options. Make an informed decision to pay Towers TriPeaks Solitaire (Pyramid Solitaire) and enjoy a fun, adventurous and entertaining game.

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Herpes Positive Singles Dating

Herpes Positive Singles Dating

When I saw this popular app of Herpes Positive Singles Dating on the Google Play Store, I was highly pulled by it due to the fact that it actively involved numerous key features. Moreover it’s also made by the acumen developer MPWH which offers many beneficial features for global users.

Among many recent Android app arrivals you will adore what Herpes Positive Singles Dating brings to the table. It is illustrated that the developers did expedient job with Herpes Positive Singles Dating. They are qualitatively regarded as the number one Herpes Dating app for HSV & STD Positive Singles in the US, UK, Canada & Australia. By effectively using this app you can meet People with Herpes (HSV-1 & HSV-2) and widely considered as the Best Herpes Dating & STD Support App for Positive Singles who are living with Genital Herpes & Oral Herpes.


More interestingly the dating made simple with Herpes which could be problematic and difficult, but this eminent HSV Dating Community makes it much simpler. Interestingly this global accolade MPWH is the original and leading American-based international Herpes / HSV dating community in the globe for Herpes Singles to search Love and support.

By widely experiencing this app the users could meet Herpes Positive Singles (Positive Singles) and efficaciously chat with other Herpes Singles for friendship, dating, romance, relationships and much more.

Why Global Users consider MPWH is Unique:

Effectively Developed For Herpes Only

To largely develop a special community, this app is adeptly designed only for people with genital / oral Herpes. It is also affirmed that they would remove your account from App if actually find that you are not living with Herpes.

Excellent Privacy Protection

They highly care about the privacy which is most important so global users are not required to submit any details which are not comfortable to disclose. It is highly recommended you to keep all your personal details private and anonymous until they choose to take things further.


Key features of MPWH app:

  • It is conveyed that you could meet other singles in your local area
  • They are immensely possible to chat with other like-minded people online
  • Primarily you can discuss about how to live and date with Herpes

The users can easily download MPWH app for free and then connect with local Herpes Positive Singles. It is highly possible to meet people with Herpes in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, Washington, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Quebec City, London, Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo, Paris and many other cities.

Altogether I highly suggest giving Herpes Positive Singles Dating app a try if you are in the mood for several key features this weekend. Eventually I greatly trust app developers did excellent job with Herpes Positive Singles Dating in terms of the unique features for global users.


Stand By You Android App Review

Stand By You Android App Review

Stand by you is an android game with lots of adventures and mystery . The main characters of this game are – a high student named KYO-YA and a girl ASAGIRI who calls herself “human” . The story of the game is very interesting and starts with
the scene where KYO-YA wakes up but is unable to move and sees that the world has changed drastically . The buildings were gone , only vast land stretched across the earth…. it was as if the world came to an end .Then suddenly a girl passed by ….the only person he could see on this dead land .

The girl , a mysterious girl claimed that the world came to an end , but KYO-YA does not want to believe what she said and they both go on an adventurous journey in order to find other life forms . But there was something special about this girl …… It was as if she was on some kind of mission to save the world . She saw what cruel sins the man committed which has caused this sick state of the world . The mysterious girl has to keep on sacrificing her life for the atonement of the mortal sins the man has done ….. they killed all the plants and animals on earth . She keeps on dying to save the world from devastation by the war . During their journey they come across various difficulties , but in order to stay alive they both fight these obstacles with their courage and will power . KYO-YA sees the pain the girl is going through and tries his best to keep her happy during their hardships they faced .

She said that God gave her this body and she can revive if she dies . They both have only each other for survival in this ruined land . They both go on a journey filled with pain , love , joy and adventure to accomplish “The mission” where she dies many times , thousands and tens of thousands of time . The game will surely make you cry in its end with its well oriented story and will surely not disappoint you .

The game touches on an important issue , that is to be kind to the nature and protect all living beings so that we may have a happy future .


Age rating – 16+

Android compatible

Can be played in about 3 – 5 hours

Genre – adventure , action , thriller

Available on Play store and App store

Developer – WATER PHOENIX.Inc


  • Extremely powerful and emotional story line with a great topic
  • Easy to control
  • Excellent visual scenes and sounds
  • Easy to downloadCONS:
  • Graphics not too good
  • Extreme violence in the game
  • Not suitable for all age groups especially children

CONCLUSIONS: A must play game , it is filled with adventure , pain , love , sorrow . The game is a bit violent so some users may find this game a bit uncomfortable .

FINAL VERDICT :One of the best story based games . Recommended to download the game after some months as this game is recently released and better versions will come up in the future . Heart touching story which will offer full time entertainment . Not suitable for children under 16 years of age as this might be disturbing .

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Flaap io Android App Review

Flaap io Android App Review

Are you that individual who appreciate challenges from others so as to gauge your competence? Do you enjoy games that come along with the modern technology? Then Flaap application which was developed early in 2017 is a perfect match for you. This gaming application allows you to entertain yourself by controlling a small bird through several tubes which you are meant to avoid at all cost until you reach your top spot. You begin by creating a nickname after downloading the app. This is to allow other multiple players around the world using this gaming app to know how skilled you are in this game and compare themselves against you. Since downloading this app in my phone, I have enjoyed every minute of it since I rank among top skilled players around the world. Try it today and discover the fun. The main features of this application are well highlighted in this review.

Multiple players
Monotony makes an activity boring since one is not able to gauge how best they can be. This does not happen with Flaap app since you play the game along many other players around the world and you can actually monitor how they are progressing thus up your game.
High Compatibility
You may be asking yourself whether your device must be android to enjoy this game. The answer is no. You can download this game on your android device,Apple iOS or even window phone devices. I have tested it with my Samsung galaxy as well as my wife’s iPhone and the experience has been wow.
Different flying speeds
The game is made more fun by the fact that the different birds in the game each has its own speed. You are thus the determinant of how fast your bird will move compared to other birds based on how well you are with the control. Good control means fabulous speed for your flappy bird. If the bird moves at high speed and you lack control, it hits the annoying tubes thus low scores.
The Flaap app allows you to interact with players around the world by allowing you to post the highest score you score and the bird level. Other players are able to compare their scores to yours. This is more than awesome since one feels as though it is a real challenge they are engaging in.
Pros of the Flaap app
-You can download and use it from different devices thus high compatibility.
-One can interact with other players around the world making the game more fun.
-There is no monotony since the game brings on board multiple players.
-The app download is very fast and the installation is easy.
- The control for the flappy bird is at times difficult to handle when the bird is moving at high speed.
Final Verdict
This gaming application is worth sampling for any individual who enjoy mobile gaming. It is not only fun but also builds one’s skills since it require high level of keenness and control. The fact that you can compare your scores with other players around the world makes the gaming app even more interesting. Download it today, install and experience the fun yourself.
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Some information about the game:
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Some people like to spend their holidays at their farm house or their relative’s farmhouse which is usually located inside the farm. Because, it’s the coolest and the most amazing place where you can get peace and relieve all of your stress. As a Farmer, you can farm what you like such as organic grains, bananas, pigs, etc. You can spend your days outside and live, work and play if you have your own farms. Most of the people today have their own small Farms and they grow crops according to their need. However, if you want to become a perfect farmer and gain experience, then I’ve an opportunity for you.

Farmer Sim 2014 is that offer available as an application on the Google App Store. It’s a simulation game for all the people who want to become farmers or gain knowledge and experience in this field. It’s a brilliant app for you where you can feel like a real farmer and his dedication towards his job. You’ll learn so many things to manage your farm. For example- which land is best for which crop, choosing best weather for a crop, vehicles and machinery, etc.

Farmer Sim 2018 has been developed by Ovidiu Pop and it’s compatible with all the Android devices having the latest version of the Operating System. It adds an entertaining experience of farming in your life.

Before I go further, let me introduce you to the features of Farmer Sim 2018-

  • You can harvest different types of crops.
  • You can visually manage your livestock such as cows, sheep, turkeys and pigs.
  • You can transport wood, hays, etc. for earning money.
  • There is an easy tutorial provided to guide you if you get stuck.
  • It allows you to play with many machines, combines, tractors, trucks, trailers, plows, seeders, etc.
  • It has awesome and good-looking graphics.
  • It offers an incredible weather system and day-night cycle also.
  • The game offers easy and simple controls such as a steering wheel, buttons or tilting controls.

You can challenge your friends by sharing online statistics and achievements via Facebook.

On the whole, I would say that if you want to do something interesting in farming, then it’s the best app for you. This app is very much addicting that it can help you to achieve more in less time. There are a lot of improvements made in this latest version of Farmer Sim 2018 such as new location and now you can grow sunflowers also. This app has been rated 4.5 from 5 stars on the Google App Store. Now you can estimate about its usage and features.

So if you’re having a good Smartphone, make use of it and visit the App Store and get the app today just for free!

Let’s discuss about the Pros and Cons of the app so that you can take a brief overview of the app:

Pros: lets you enjoy the real farming experience; super-addictive app; beautiful graphics; guide with a tutorial; unique theme; good sound effects; easy controls; so many crops to harvest; free.

Cons: none.

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Koko Dating App Review

Koko Dating App Review


Koko app has helped easen the burden of men and women, boys and girls from forming intimacy relationship. Its one of the known best app that one can count on it. Koko app has variety of existinh users with different aims. But the main purpose it to help connect people and find true love or just have fun being online. Seeking a perfect dating app can be tiresome and disappointing scenario. But as technology is coming to its peak, love and distance has been cut across using koko application. The app is compatible to any android phone or IOS user. Koko app connects people from diverse distance bringing them together. After downloading the app I came to figure out that Koko app has the following smart features which are at the same time contributing to its beneficial use.


Koko app is free to download and easy to join and effortless.
It has options where you can vote for your favorite people (Crush).
Koko app offers chitter chatter inbox services which allow its users to send and receive messages to and from.
It’s a fast and efficient match making app within just a click.
Koko has a “real shot-play” safe option where it digs out perverts people at some pointy.
The app offers an optional subscription charges for those members who believe in themselves and wants the best out of it.
Successfully upload pictures on their profiles.
Enables one to write forums and comment on them.
Search other existing member for free and match with them and contact them using the trust score.
Perform basic search to discover prospective match using the true view.
Koko app makes it effortless for the users who are looking forward to meet love with the youthful vibrant models, performers, scholars for companion and relationships purposes.
Koko has been praised to meet its users need and ranked as a top working app producing desirable outcomes of couples and intimacy satisfaction.
It’s a fun app to work with, it’s easy to manage and very user friendly. It’s easy to create an account.
Koko has high tightened security services keeping of scammers by approving new bees’ profiles and allowing users to block those who go against the sites rules. It also allows users to report such users.
Koko has first-rate search options, which makes it effortless for existing users to look for their desire match.The app has a search filter options which allows users website.

Koko offers sexual freedom to its users. It’s easy to find someone to hook up with but one is not rest assured whether this person is a serious user or only after sex. This app also promotes pervert through the Find your food porn mate option.
Many reported cyber bulling crimed in the koko app. meaning it doesn’t take into account the users end meets terms.

Final thoughts

Too much of freedom promotes negative outcomes. Koko app has too much of pervets which makes the app boring. Decency serves a major purpose in humans lives. This need to be rectified.
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